‘Cosplay Melee’ Debuts

CosPlay is a cultural phenomenon where science fiction fans go far beyond the normal “fan dress up” to literally become their favourite science fiction character. These super fans compete in competitions to determine who has not only created the best costumes; but who has best embodied that character.

In a new original series on the Syfy channel, Yvette Nicole Brown hosts “Cosplay Melee”.


In round one of the competition four Cosplay players will compete for the right to move on to round two…and a chance to win the $10,000 prize.

This week’s players are Alicia, Grace, Fred, and Xavier.

The theme for this week is Space Opera and the players must design and create an original character that is inspired by their favourite science fiction space franchise.

In round one the players have eight hours to complete a custom headdress for their character.

Alicia chose the “Chronicles of Riddick”
Grace chose “Guardians of the Galaxy”
Fred chose “Star Trek”
Xavier chose “Star Wars”

Along with being the host, Yvette is also a judge. She is joined by Cosplay Model Leeanna Vamp, and costume designer Christian Beckman.

For Grace the judges felt that her headdress was a little unfinished but they loved the details and that she had an overall great design.

The judges dug Fred’s mask calling it futuristic with a beautiful shape, they felt the skull cap was rough.

Alicia’s headdress would fit in the “Chronicles of Reddick” and it looked sleep and elegant but was not as complete as the full head pieces.

The judges loved the battle damage and colour scheme on Xavier’s head piece; adding that it read “Star Wars”.

Saying that the head pieces were amazing, the judges had a tough decision in deciding who was the winner and who would be going home.

Yvette named Xavier as the winner; saying that his head piece could go from here to “Star Wars”.

While the judges loved the headdress, they thought it was not complete and named Alicia as the eliminated player.

Fred thought that he was the one who was going home.

The players have two days to create a completed character.

Yvette revealed that there was one more addition
that they would have to include in their design…to make the character fly.

There were a number of items on a table that the players would have to choose from and incorporate in their characters as the flying apparatus.

For winning the first round Xavier was given first choice of the items on the table.

Xavier chose the leaf blower.
Fred chose the muffler pieces.
Grace took the air conditioning ducts.

A police woman in real life, Grace saw Fred making a big weapon and decided that her character needed a big weapon too. After completing the gun, it broke and she had to repair it.

Judges Leeanna and Christian made a visit to the lab and offered some advice to the players on their creations.

After spending two days working on their characters, it’s time to suit up and walk the runway.

The judges were impressed with Fred’s reveal, calling it larger than life and a wonderful character.

The judges said that Grace looked incredible and they loved the makeup; calling her character powerful but feminine. While there were some construction issues, the judges loved how the pieces looked like metal; adding that she did a brilliant job.

When Xavier walked out, the judges said that they were chilled to the bone. They said he did some awesome work; loving the colours and amazing from head to toe. Yvette said that she wanted comic books, LEGO characters, and movies of the character.

Yvette noted that the intergalactic battle was fierce and a very close competition but named Xavier as the winner of the round…and the $10,000 prize. Xavier was very emotional when they called his name.

photo courtesy of:
By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27448788

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