Grimm Recap Episode 12 Season 6 “Zerstorer Shrugged”

With the biggest, saddest spoiler about to unfold, this recap will be a difficult task. But holding on to the hope that maybe- it’s not true- here’s this week’s recap. We begin where we ended- in the other world with Nick and Eve face to face with-well, the devil!

Warning: Many Spoilers Ahead!

#Grimm Grimm Recap Episode 12 Season 6 “Zerstorer Shrugged”

Second Last Grimm- “Zerstorer Shrugged”

Back to the netherworld it really looks like Nick and Eve are not about to win this frightening fight against such a powerful foe- especially one equipped with a staff that can send them flailing backward!

Soon we’re invited to the Mon-Rosalee house where Renard, Monroe and Adalind are having a worried discussion about how to get Eve and Nick back from the other world! Meanwhile Diana is supposed to be sleeping but hears what’s going on and obviously comprehends in her worldly Hexen-biest advanced little mind. Monroe suggests that if the Shaphat (child-bride) story is true, Diana may just be able to work the magic stick and get the portal opened again!

Monroe, on a desperate mission to save Eve and Nick, refers to his own Wesen bible and how it mentions there’s a place after death where the beasts dominate and run free and—yes, that does sound like the ‘paradise’ where Nick and Eve are fighting the ultimate foe. But Monroe and the others are not the only ones desperately digging to get the two lost souls back. With knowledgable Rosalee at the helm, they, of course are coming up with some pretty good stuff. They arrive at a bit in German lore with a very cryptic message indeed. They translate the words, “evil trapped, Grimm pull and follow and flee”. Rosalee also suddenly realizes that it’s March 24th- the date that was prophesied that the planets would align and bad things would happen. (Well, they’re happening.)

They then hypothesize that perhaps the Zerstorer (destroyer) had planned this all along so Eve would come through the mirror portal and then be followed by hero Nick so there would be an opening for His Royal’Demon-Face’ to follow? Sounds like something a nasty, apocalyptic devil would do- doesn’t it? Rosalee freaks a little at this thought and immediately requests that Monroe, Renard and Adalind stop trying to open the portal again! But, it’s too late—little Diana has heard their conversations earlier, picked up the magic stick and has now opened the mirror portal! Enough already of all these people trying to do it on there own.

A strong wind bursts through the mirror suddenly,and for a minute we think, oh,no, Diana too, will be pulled into the netherworld, but thankfully she remains on the good side of the portal. The adults run to stop her- but it isn’t she that will be doing the travelling— Nick and Eve come flying through the mirror as it shatters! Whew! This is a good thing- but wait- we become worried that the Zerstorer has come through with them!. And didn’t we see him follow them? However, he is nowhere to be seen, so we breathe for a few minutes.

Nick hugs a relieved Adalind hello, and then uses the magic stick to heal his cuts. Later when Rosalee, Hank and Wu arrive at Mon-Rosalee’s home they trade freak-out stories. Rosalee shares with Monroe, Renard and Adelaide that she thinks the demon just needed a Grimm to open the portal for him and designed the whole plan from day one. They also all agree that the demon-face’s world may just be one and the same world described in Monroe’s Wesen bible. I

After this burst of commotion, Diana begins to look pensive and starts to cry. “He’s coming!” she whines and looks very distressed! Well, we all know who ‘he’ is at this point and it isn’t Santa Claus. Diana also tells Eve, that she knows that Eve left a part of herself back in the nether land and we see it’s the Wesen part when we see her try to woge and fail. Eve does not seem overjoyed at this, as she reflects what not having those handy Hexenbiest powers might mean. Now for the action part of the episode.

We cut to a gas station in a remote part of town and watch as the wind picks up. (Something wicked this way comes.) Then a huge cloud of bats start falling all over the place. Next a poor guy who just wanted to use the gas station’s facilities gets an unexpected surprise. Imagine this- you’re just checking out your frame in the mirror and suddenly there’s a dark, swirling inside the mirror and some tall, blonde model—type man, who obviously works out, shatters through the mirror and stabs you in the chest with a biblical-looking staff! This is not your average night at the neighbourhood gas station!

Next Zerstorer, who’s naked from what we can tell, walks up to the gas attendee and stabs him- but in the eye- Eeeew! Probably as to not get too much blood on the clothes he plans to take off his corpse to cover his buff body. He then begins his walk through the town, carrying his staff- like a shepherd- looking more for trouble than for his flock.

Back at Monroe’s, Diana is still crying because she sees in her mind’s eye that the devil-man is coming and in a dream she also picks up that he is coming for her little brother as well! (Grimm has never been so nerve-wracking and excellent, may I add, as this episode!) Nick decides the best place to take Diana and her brother is into the woods, in a cabin from one of the first episodes, where a Wesen mailman was bringing kidnapped children. Nick says this cabin has no connection to any one of them and will be a good hideout. Unfortunately, something tells me there’s no place safe from this particular blonde pursuer!

With Diana really freaking out, they search for some way to further hide her from Zerstorer. Rosalee knows of a Hexen-biest herbal concoction that will pretty much lend Diana invisible to anyone that wants to harm her- hey! that fits! And so they cover her with this blue vapour-y mist and hope for the best.

As Renard, Adalind, Nick and the children head to the woods we are treated to a few first season flash-backs of that episode and other poignant flashes from the past. (Now, you’ve got us all getting nostalgic). Then, they walk through the still, very creepy, cabin and it seems all is well, Nick reluctantly says goodbye to Adalind. We also didn’t miss that he told Adalind in a very convincing way that he loved her when she begged him to be careful- and kissed her with meaning. So, does this settle things and he won’t end up with Eve, as we all have been wondering?

And to add to the surprises of this really great and non-stop exciting Grimm episode- we get to see someone we’ve been missing for awhile. The door opens that leads to the tunnels where the gang is congregating and we all hold our breath, thinking that ‘Golden-demon-boy’ has arrived. Someone comes down the tunnel stairs and— it’s Trubel! So nice to see her again! Everyone is surprised but very happy to see her especially right now when we need all the help we can get! She takes one look at the carvings and then says, “This can’t be good!” Whoa- did you hit the nail on the head, Trubel. They have a lot of catching up to do as Eve tells Trubel, so we’ll leave them to it.

Now, we revisit ‘Golden Boy’ on the streets of Portland. He walks deliberately on his journey leaving a trail of dead bodies behind him! There’s unfortunate humour in his journey though, as each time he either meets or destroys a human he picks up whatever they yell at him, like, “Watch out!” and the evil Zerstorer repeats it as if he’s teaching himself the language. Trouble is, he will end up with some pretty bad slang as so far he’s only learned from irate drivers and a group of drunken slangy teenagers-ha! We do, however, get to see him turn his staff into a snake- where did I see that before? I think it was in the movie, “Moses” wasn’t it? There’s clever hidden meaning here. Anyway, the destroyer (Zerstorer) is tall, he’s mean, he’s blond and he’s on his way!

Next, we cut to the research Grimm team as they are trying to wrap their impressive, knowledgeable brains around that staff! Eve has noticed that it seems pieced together and cracked and after much deliberation Monroe remembers a specific staff in his bible that supposedly has the power of the gods. Monroe continues saying the staff was broken into 100 pieces and those pieces were hidden throughout the world to keep it out of evil hands. Could this be the one staff, the staff that the destroyer is holding onto? Is this why it is cracked? They speculate that maybe the destroyer pieced it all together. And, further what if Nick’s magic stick is one of the pieces to the staff? That would explain why it has such powers? This is getting so good, folks.

Then, when Nick returns he sees Trubel is back and gives her a big hug. After tidying up the left overs of the Black Claw mess she explains that she hurried back to Portland, as she had a bad feeling something untoward was happening. She couldn’t have been more right on!

Final Scenes

Back at the cabin in the woods, Adalind and Renard are nervous, especially now that Diana said the destroyer will be after her brother as well. Renard vows to kill the destroyer and Adalind and Renard both agree that the three of them will put up a ‘hell’ of a fight, so to speak.

Nick goes back to the precinct with the magic stick for protection. He wants to check the latest news while his Grimm-cousin Trubel, patrols the Portland streets where Golden Boy was last seen. She’s just in time, too, as she gets to see the back of him (difficult to miss a good-looking tall blonde man with a staff walking the city streets) turn a corner and head to the same precinct! Oh, oh! Trubel quickly calls the precinct and Hank, Wu and Nick all outfit themselves with some pretty serious weaponry from the precinct gun armoury to ready themselves. Now, you need to brace yourself for what happens next….

Chaos and gunfire ensue within the precinct and we watch with open mouths as ‘Golden Boy’, woged into devil-skull-face and then, police bodies, etc are tossed in his wake. Wu gets agitated and woges too but…here it is, folks, the demon stabs him with his staff right through our buddy Wu’s chest and he falls, bleeding. Shock-waves!

And then, we don’t even have time to say, “No! Don’t do it!” to Hank who also charges in rage when he sees what the destroyer just did to Wu. Yep, too late, you guessed it- that devil drives his stake right through our other buddy, Hank’s neck! This is too much for us loyal fans! Nick gets thrown against the wall and, and— it’s over for another week!

Wow! We are so left cliff-hung and sad until the final episode! Just one more to go and Grimm will wrap up for its sixth and final season. But be hopeful, because, as I think about it- there just may be hope!

Missed last week’s episode? Read about it here!

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