On This Day in History: March 27

On March 27, fingerprint evidence was used to solve a major crime, just three years after being allowed as evidence in courts. What happened today in history?

1625: Charles I Becomes King of England, Scotland and Ireland

Charles I of EnglandUpon the death of his father, King James VI of Scotland and James I of England, Charles Stuart became the second king of his dynasty. As well as claiming the titles King of England, Scotland and Ireland, he also claimed the controversial title of King of France. He was never meant to be king, being the second son of the king, but he became heir after the death of his brother Henry. Charles would become the king to start the English Civil War and the first and last English king to be executed.

1775: Jefferson Elected to the Second Continental Congress

On this day in history, Thomas Jefferson was elected into the second Continental Congress, quickly establishing himself with the Summary View of the Rights of British America. He would later become one of the signatories on the Declaration of Independence, vice president under John Adam and then President of the United States, holding the latter for two terms.

1905: Fingerprint Evidence Used in British Murder Case

After Thomas and Ann Farrow were found bludgeoned in their home by neighbors, the police went in search for a murderer. Thomas was already dead, and Ann died four days later. This was the first time that police used fingerprinting as evidence in a major crime, although it had been used as evidence three years earlier in a petty theft case.  Scotland Yard had taken a print from an empty cash box, along other areas of the home. Alfred and Albert Stratton were found guilty of the crime and executed on May 23 that year. The lack of fingerprint evidence is now commonly used by defense attorneys because it is now so commonplace.

1998: Viagra Approved by the FDA

Today in history, the FDA approved the use of Viagra. This is still a popular oral drug to treat impotence. The actual chemical name is Sildenafil, and it is made of an artificial compound originally studied for the treatment of a form of cardiovascular disease called angina pectoris and for high blood pressure. However, researchers found that it helped induce erections within an hour. The pharmaceutical company decided to change the focus of patients to men struggling with impotence, with patents applied to Sildenafil in 1996. Just two years later, FDA approved the druge for this use, shocking many people. It was uncommon for the FDA to approve a drug so quickly. There are now many other drugs used for erectile dysfunction since Viagra.

Famous Birthdays on March 27

King Robert II of France–972

Politician in England, Stephen Fox–1627

Poet Michael Bruce–1746

French Revolution pretender to the throne Louis XVII—1785

Currier and Ives lithographer Nathaniel Currier—1813

Rolls-Royce cofounder Sir Henry Royce—1863

What Makes Sammy Run writer Budd Schulberg—1914

Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan—1924

NCIS actress Pauley Perrette—1969

Singer Mariah Carey—1970

Baseball player Busty Posey—1987

Nobody’s Perfect singer Jessie J—1988


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

Image of Charles I of England in the public domain: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_I_of_England#/media/File:King_Charles_I_after_original_by_van_Dyck.jpg

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