Brace Yourself, “It” is Coming and the First Trailer is Here!

Be very afraid, the first trailer for the upcoming movie. “It” has just crawled out of the sewers and “It” looks terrifying. The trailer heralds the second coming and remake of Stephen King’s cult clown horror character, Pennywise, based on King’s 1986 novel of the same name.

Brace Yourself, “It” is Coming and theTrailer is Here!

“It” Trailer Will Freak You Out!

Pennywise, the clown with a penchant for young children, will once again open that storm drain lid and enter our psyches this September 8. He’s arriving just in time for the very beginning of Halloween season. If clowns are the “thing” of your nightmares, you best stay very far away.

Watch the terror now!

But it’s been a slow road getting here. In 2015 director, Andres Muschlettl ended up reworking the script after Cary Fukanaga quit. An unhappy Fukanaga called the new version too “conventional” as he wanted the film to be more “experimental”. Vox, in an article, also worries the first trailer reveals that the film’s presentation may be altered into a more modern horror-style with the usual trappings of the genre, and not the “slow build” the novel meant it to be.

Plus, last August a first glimpse at Pennywise the Clown’s mediaeval-style outfit “ruffled” some fans as they weren’t sure if they liked his new look. This new outfit is the creation of Janie Bryant, Emmy-winning costume designer, who “crafted a form-fitting suit that draws upon a number of bygone times — among them Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, and Victorian eras”. Bryant explains that, “He is definitely a clown from a different time.”

However, have no fear- with this 2 1/2 minute trailer just released, we can certainly see the effect even a split-second glimpse of Pennywise can do. Whether fans of the original 1990 “It” movie, starring Tim Curry as Pennywise, will like “Hemlock Grove’s” Bill Skarsgard as the demon-possessed-clown, remains to be seen.

One thing for sure after watching this trailer, you’re bound to get a little unsettled next time someone brings out the projector for some old fashioned “home movies”.

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