Grimm Recap Final Episode 13 “The End”

This 13th episode marks the very last one of the final Grimm Season. The fun horror/fantasy entertained us fans Friday nights for 6 Seasons! Get ready for a heavy emotional ride- Grimm style!

WARNING: Full Spoiler Alert!

Grimm Recap Finale Episode 13 “The End”

Final Episode of Grimm Season 6

We pick up where we left off last week still steeped in the shock of the dual deaths of Hank and Wu! Nick is shaken. He grabs his magic stick that so- protected him before and tries desperately to revive his dear friends. Nothing. We are horribly disappointed. Trubel runs in and sees the carnage and is horribly grieved too when she sees it’s Hank and Wu.

Nick tells Trubel that he’s not sure why he survived but starts to think it’s because he has the magic stick. Nick tells her bullets don’t phase the destroyer one bit so Trubel surmises that the only way to be sure is to cut off his head like their ancestors used to do. Adalind then calls Nick and he breaks the news to her that Hank and Wu are gone. She then, discloses what Diana told her- that the Zerstorer is also after Kelly. This news prompts Nick to send Trubel to the cabin to guard his family. Then, broken, Nick heads to the spice shop to get the necessary weapons.

Meanwhile, at the spice shop the research gang try to find a spell or solution that will bring the Zerstorer (destroyer) down. They find one that is called the “the strength of one’s blood”. This requires a bit of manoeuvring as it requires blood from the three opposing forces of a Hexenbiest, a Wesen and a Grimm. Hmm, well let’s see… I do think we have one each of those around. Only now, the Hexenbiest’s blood will have to be from Adalind because, as Diana has said, Eve came back from the other side- no longer a Hexenbiest!

As they discuss the ingredients in the making of this final concoction of the entire show- boo hoo!- they come to the realization that at no other time would the collaboration of a Hexenbiest, Grimm and a Wesen have been possible to achieve. This fact emphasizes the power and the possibilities of friendship. It also seems to indicate that this just might have been in the stars to come all together at this point of time.

When a distressed and dejected Nick gets to the spice shop, Eve and soon, Rosalee and Monroe notice his grief. When they find out about the deaths of Wu and Hank they too are crestfallen and tearful, and even though we still harbour hope of a cure, we are too.

Rosalie gathers the necessary powders, etc. to mix the ‘hopefully’ deadly potion to finally rid them of this devil. More than ever the gang want to destroy ‘the destroyer’ and determine to go up to the cabin to meet with Adalind so they can use her Hexenbiest blood and finish the potion. They need all-three necessary people’s blood in unison to enter the potion.

Before they arrive, however, we witness a little private moment between Adalind and Renard where he apologizes for all the years of the Black Claw capers, etc. Adalind reminds him that she still is wearing that accursed engagement ring and she is terrified to take it off because she was warned by Bonaparte that if she does, harm will come to her children. (Bonaparte put it on her finger a while back to ensure that Renard and she would remain united which was in the interest of the Black Claw group). Renard then promises to do whatever it takes to protect Diana and Kelly!

Next, Trubel, who has been dispatched to the cabin by Nick to protect his family, arrives. Her nose gets temporarily out of joint when she sees Renard and she says, coldly, “You’re supposed to be on our side now?” (Well, yes, Trubel, since you left quite a few episodes ago, on Grimm business, Renard has had a change of heart- mostly due to his closeness to his daughter, Diana, and his ghostly run-ins with the spirit of Meisner). Yes, he-e-e’s back- for the finale and thankfully, on the right side of Grimm now.

What happens next is the first of a series of non-stops emotional slammers: Zerstorer, the destroyer just strides in the front door of the spice shop like he owns the place. Eve grabs a knife and holds it up to fight him but he works his voodoo on her and, as we yell “No!” in unison as he controls her into turning the knife on herself! What!…Now Eve? Nick runs to her side and cradles her but no, she whispers, “No regrets!” and sadly, dies in his arms. (Starting to hold back tears at this point).

Nick, then, frantically tries to work that supposed damned ‘magic’ stick to cure her but it won’t work- just like before on Hank or Wu! Already this is getting too much for our Grimm lead and he seems to be at the point of exploding as he yells for the demon that killed Eve to come and fight him. Then, in a frenzy he takes the axe and smashes his way through the spice shop in grief and anger. We then switch back to the cabin in the woods where Monroe and Rosalee have gone so they can complete the making of the blood potion.

When Nick arrives at the cabin, he is like a zombie and has to explain to the group about Eve having fallen too. They are shocked and upset but must soldier on fast to get the potion ready. So, right away they gather over Rosalee’s pre-mixed potion in a bowl to unite their blood. This looks like it could be gruesome as they layer hands- one over the other, and wait for the knife to pierce through all three of them. Adalind explains that each of their unique blood must drip into the bowl together. Whoever can woge- woges and then Renard begins to plunge the knife but hesitates and soTrubel helps him and pushes his hand down so the knife pierces all three hands! They scream with pain but then we see the blood drip into the bowl and the potion bubbles with the mixed blood so we know something is working.

Thankfully the blood deed is now done and ready for the destroyer devil! And it turns out- not a moment too soon- as Diana wakes up and seems a little cool about it all as she announces she feels different and that “he’s coming”. “Oh, great!” But she seems too calm right now, when she was crying about it last week. Looks like the Zerstorer, has gotten to her little child-mind while she slept. Diana, then very calmly tells everyone he’s coming for the magic stick and that he’s been looking for it for a very long time.

Final Scenes

And now what we’ve been waiting for occurs- as the destroyer comes into the cabin to face Nick and the remaining Grimm team! The excitement builds as Zerstorer slams the staff on the floor, again his staff sends shock waves and make everyone fall back. He takes Diana’s hand to lead her away and as Renard starts toward them, Diana says emotionlessly that he (Zerstorer) wants her to go with him.. Well, no kidding, Diana!

Next, Renard jumps into action to protect and stop her and- Oh, no- not another one-Renard is pierced by the demon’s staff! He dies while Diana, now under Zerstorer’s evil influence looks on, unmoved.

Seeing his chance, Monroe grabs the blood potion as the others scream for him to toss it at the demon! He then throws it at the demon and indeed it seems to burn or severely scuff up his already ugly face. Nick sees his chance and steps in and whacks him to cut off his head with a serious ax blow!

However, this just seems to bounce off and the destroyer is not destroyed. Adalind gets the picture and screams desperately to Trubel to run with baby Kelly but the demon somehow seals her into the cabin with the child. This is not going well, folks! The next few minutes will be a blur, because the massacre continues and is riveting.

First Adalind gets axed in the chest by the Zerstorer as he is now on a mission. (What! We keep thinking Rosalee’s concoction didn’t work?? Really? That’s a first!)

Before Adalind dies, she asks Nick to take care of her children, then Rosalee grabs that staff and it mutates into a snake that instantly bites her in the neck. Monroe runs to help but he too gets the fatal snake bite. This is more than we can bear at this point.We are all in shock including Nick and Trubel.

Nick runs to his friends’ side, not believing what he is witnessing and lets out a painful yell toward the sky in grief. Then the destroyer decides to go for Trubel in the cabin and Nick goes in and sees what’s happening. He has staffed Trubel like the others. Nick- now totally enraged- shouts at the destroyer, saying, “You’ve taken everything, you’re not going to take my son, too!”

Suddenly the Prince of Darkness can speak and he tells Nick it doesn’t have to be this way. Just give me the stick, he promises, and I will return them all to you. The staff that has delivered nothing but death thus far, glows green where the missing piece- the magic stick should go.

Nick becomes entranced with hope as the destroyer demonstrates on Trubel by touching her with the staff and bringing her back to life. Nick immediately tells the destroyer that he can have that damned stick! He wants all his loved ones back and becomes transfixed on the idea. Enough is enough for Nick and he clearly has had it with all the deaths of his loved ones! Trubel, however, warns him that this is not the path to go! The destroyer will live up to his name and all of humanity will die! But Nick does not want to know and they end up having a fighting skirmish in the woods where unbelievably, Nick delivers quite a blow to her face to stop her. But good old Trubel doesn’t give up, and desperately follows to stop him from giving the demon that one missing piece that he wants so badly…Next, the unexpected occurs.

As Nick walks with deliberation back to the cabin to give the Zerstorer the missing stick, he hears a familiar voice. He recognizes it immediately as the voice of his mother, Kelly.

“You can’t do what you want to do”, she tells him.

Then Aunt Marie from the first Season, shows up as well and they explain to Nick that he cannot let that demon destroy the world just for him to end his grief and pain now. His mother explains that the destroyer cannot take the stick- it must be given to him and this is why Nick is still alive. They further tell him that together they can fight any evil and Nick finally lets it sink in.

So,dramatically and with determination, they, all walk toward the destroyer and as they reach him they begin the fight. All together, they attack him along with Trubel- stabbing, kicking and slashing. Aunt Marie gets a good whack at him and slices off his arm. (Nice touch!)

Soon, Zerstorer is getting beaten and screams in pain. Nick shouts to him and grabs the staff. “You wanted it and here it is!” The magic stick flies into its proper spot on the staff as Nick grabs it and pierces the demon’s heart with it, just as he has done to so many of the others. A fitting end to this monster, I would say.

Then, Nick turns to his mother and aunt and asks how did they know to come- they said they could feel that he needed them. Well, yes, that’s an understatement. His mom and aunt then leave after his mom, Kelly, tells Nick to take care of her grandson and she loves his name,Kelly—awww!

Trubel, next makes the comment that she can’t believe that just the two of them took this evil demon down- making Nick realize he was the only one that saw his aunt and mom. But Diana,when she comes out of the house, confirms they were there by asking where did the other Grimms go!

Nick sadly, once again, takes in the carnage. It’s a massacre! Dejectedly, he drops down beside Adalind. When he takes her hand he sees that cursed ring on her finger and slips it off. She is no longer bound by it’s powers. Nick rejoices when he suddenly realizes he can use the staff to bring everyone to life, but before he does, the Zerstorer’s body turns to ash and kind of swirls again into a portal that shows up suddenly. Before you know it, Nick is drawn into the portal and ends up back at Monroe’s and Rosalee’s! Diana yells to Adalind that it worked and now she has Nick back for her-huh! Just like the first time Nick and Eve came back. But this time the gang is there- and even Hank and Wu, come back into the spice shop. Now they are all there in that dimension and soon Trubel arrives too. Nick smiles and we smile and he goes on a hugging fest and hugs each and every one of them, telling them just how glad he is that they all are okay! Seems like the others are oblivious to what transpired on the other side!

Nick goes around hugging each of his loyal Grimm team, so elated they are all alive! They, don’t get it though, and kind of endure all the hugs they are getting. Only now, when he reaches Adalind she is not wearing the dreaded ring, so yes, it really worked and it all really happened! Diana also announces to everyone that the Zerstorer didn’t make it back through because he’s dead and she’s not afraid anymore- great news! Diana then tells Eve she’s a Hexenbiest again. (Who would have thought that anyone would be happy about that!)

Monroe says,”What’s this?” and everyone looks over at him as he picks up the staff. Nick smiles cause now he knows he has the whole damn package now!

And here we are at the end: After all the rejoicing, suddenly a narrative voice takes over and fills in the story. “And he (Nick) doesn’t know what to tell them”!

Then we are shown an announcement that it is twenty years later. The narrative voice turns out to be Kelly’s and he is writing in the family Grimm book!

Then we see a grown up, gorgeous, blonde Diana come into the room, saying to her brother,“Mom and Dad are waiting. We’ve got Wesen to kill,” she says and her Diana eyes glow purple “The triplets are coming, too.”

So Grimm does have a fairy tale ending and we catch ourselves grinning ear to ear to have all our beloved characters safe and back and living their lives.

Will something like Grimm or even another Season return in the future? Let’s put that possibility out there for those talented Grimm writers to seriously ponder.

Missed last week’s episode? Read about it here.

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