‘iZombie’ Recap: Season 3 Premiere

After the Season 2 cliffhanger of the CW’s “iZombie,” viewers were anxious for resolutions of the Max Rager debacle and the attempted kidnapping of D.A. Peyton Charles. The Season 3 premiere of “iZombie,” with its mix of humor via word play and drama, provided those resolutions and left new questions to be answered in “”Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother.”

Note: Spoilers Ahead

Vivian Stoll has everything in hand at the scene of the Max Rager party massacre. She’s arranged an explosion meant to obliterate the evidence of zombies and their activities that night, hoping to prevent humans from learning about the existence of the undead. Vivian makes some remarks about her plans for Seattle and the undead to Olivia and inviting Liv, Clive and Major to visit her at Fillmore Graves to learn more.

Liv is channeling the thoughts and stoicism of the soldier of fortune’s brain that was her last meal, which helps her to keep focused on the matters at hand rather than on her causing the death of her boyfriend Drake. Clive is feeling conflicted both as a cop and a human, having just learned about the existence of zombies and knowing Liv and Major are both undead.

At the scene of the thwarted kidnapping of Peyton, Blaine basks in the glow of being the hero who saved Peyton, while Ravi is miserable with himself for having sat outside in the car and watching the chemistry between Peyton and Blaine.

Don E. confronts Blaine, blaming Blaine for all the drama that’s been occurring. In words and tone that rival Blaine’s former self, Don E. accuses Blaine of taking the cure to return to being a human and then faking his memory loss afterward. Don E. demands his money, which Blaine says he doesn’t have. Blaine asks where Don E. last had the money. When Don E. says the money was with Chief, Blaine tells Don E. that’s where he should start to look then. In a parting shot, Don E. tells Blaine he will no longer work for him.

Don E. checks outs the freezers in Blaine’s mortuary, looking for Chief’s body. As Don E. checks Chief’s body for his money, he notices another body on the gurney, who he recognizes is Angus DeBeers, Blaine’s father.

If you’d rather watch the “iZombie” Season 3 premiere rather that read about it:

Major returns to his house, only to find it’s been vandalized with graffiti, another outcome of him having been revealed to be the Chaos Killer. A news report that explains the Chaos “Killer” did not actually kill any of his victims seems small comfort to Major at this point.

Clive, Liv and Major meet with Vivian at Fillmore Graves, the business she owns that she reveals to be a zombie military company. Vivian confirms what she had earlier told Liv, that Vivian envisions Seattle to be the capital of the zombie homeland.

When the visiting trio wants more information, Vivian explains that when humans find out that zombies exist, it will be D-Day – Discovery Day – and the humans will want to destroy the undead. Liv is unwilling to accept this, expressing her belief that humans will try to understand.

Vivian poo-poos Liv’s rose-colored glasses thoughts, explaining that the reality of the situation will be the demise of the zombies. Fillmore Graves already owns an island, Zombie Island, that is ready to be the place where zombies can safely segregate themselves when D-Day comes.

Vivian takes the trio on a tour of the building that includes a group of young children walking into a classroom. Clive is taken aback, asking if all of the children are zombies. Vivian says that they are. Just then, Clive recognizes one of the boys as Willy, who also recognizes Clive and comes over to hug him. Clive is emotionally moved by the experience and says that he knows Willy and his parents, but never realized they were zombies.

As Blaine is busy in the basement of the mortuary, Peyton pays him an unannounced visit. She explains that Mr. Boss is in Montenegro, out of their grasp, but at least they now have a picture of him. Peyton thanks Blaine for saving her life in the attempted kidnapping, but Blaine says he is grateful to Peyton for saving his life. Again, the chemistry between the two is palpable, with Blaine finally asking Peyton is they used to be a couple.

At the Medical Examiner’s office, Ravi shows Clive the 17 syringes of zombie cure that he currently has, but explains he is out of a key ingredient to make any more. Ravi explains to Clive that there are two types of cures for the zombie infection: the one Ravi gave to Blaine that caused the severe retrograde amnesia and the type he had given Major that caused eventual death in the lab rat Ravi had tested it on.

Ravi explains that his focus is now on curing the retrograde amnesia, so taking that cure won’t have such an adverse reaction.

Clive wonders aloud how to know which 17 zombies should get the cure – and who will make those decisions. Ravi says he doesn’t want to think about it.

Clive and Liv are in the car when shock jock Chuck Burd comes on the radio, announcing that he has a survivor from the Max Rager massacre who is going to reveal what he witnessed there. Clive and Liv are surprised to hear that there are any such witnesses still alive who haven’t been debriefed on the details; they rush to the radio station to stop the interview.

But Chuck Burd is already interviewing Billy, who was an outdoor security guard for Max Rager. Billy explains that he saw two groups of people – one running away, the other chasing the first group. Billy explains that the people giving chase had glowing red eyes and when they caught people from the first group, they ate their brains.

Clive and Liv arrive outside Burd’s radio booth, but too late to stop Billy from telling what he saw. Billy recognizes Clive as the cop who was at Max Rager that night and says so on the radio. Burd, a conspiracy theorist, points out that that cop is now trying to silence Billy. In Burd’s parting shot, he says it sounds to him like a zombie apocalypse.

As Clive and Liv drive away from the radio station, Liv begins to get teary-eyed about having had to kill Drake. She explains to Clive that the effects of the brain she had eaten are beginning to wear off. He takes her to the M.E.’s office where Ravi will look out for her.

Peyton calls Ravi, who ignores her calls. Peyton leaves voice messages explaining that someone on Twitter is saying ugly things to her, that she’d like Ravi to come and provide moral support. Having gotten no answer from Ravi, Peyton calls Blaine to come over.

Major stops by to let Ravi know he has found a job with someone who doesn’t care about his background as the Chaos “Killer.”

Don E. is channeling the Blaine of the past just as surely was if he’s eaten Blaine’s brain as he takes a hair dryer to partially defrost Angus DeBeers. With DeBeers thawed enough to be conscious and able to talk, but not thawed enough to be able to move, Don E. tells Angus that he is sure Blaine is faking his amnesia. He also demands that Angus invest in a brain business the two of them will run.

Angus, noting that he’s hardly in a position to say no to Don E., tells the younger man he is thinking on too small of a scale.

Meanwhile, Liv and Ravi are still at the M.E.’s office when Katty Kupps, the former medical examiner there who had fired Ravi in the past and now works for the CDC, comes in to perform an autopsy on one of the Max Rager victims. As Kupps begins the autopsy, she notes aloud that the victim had a human brain inside it.

Clive gets called to the scene of three shooting deaths, as do Liv and Ravi from the Medical Examiner’s office. Wally and his parents have each been shot in the head with the man’s fingernails removed, a sign, they are all sure, means that whoever shot them knew they were zombies and killed them because of it.

Clive is enraged at the realization and vows to bring the killer(s) to justice. Liv has her own realization that humans are not likely to welcome zombies when their existence is known and tells Clive that zombies have to be protected. Clive agrees.

Vivian has the task of telling Wally’s classmates about his death. Liv shows up at Fillmore Graves to tell Vivian she is ready to work together with her. As she walks outdoors, Liv spots Major working out with the Fillmore Graves soldiers – the answer to where he found a job.

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