London Attacks: Woman Who Fell from Westminster Bridge Dies

Andreea Cristea, the woman who fell from Westminster Bridge during the London attacks last month, has died. London police confirmed her as the fifth victim of the attack.

Cristea fell into the bridge after Khalid Masood drove a rented car up Westminster Bridge, driving into pedestrians. It is still unclear whether she jumped into the bridge to avoid being hit or fell into it after being hit,although the latter is assumed. She was found in the water by a City Cruises boat, where she was unconscious at the time.

As The Daily Voice News previously reported, the City Cruises boat captain attempted to pull her aboard, but she wasn’t responsive to help him. Emergency services were called out and she was taken straight to hospital.

Cristea remained unconscious in hospital and went through surgery to remove a clot. There was hope that she would regain consciousness, but remained on life support the whole time. Life support was turned off on Thursday afternoon, according to USA Today. Her boyfriend Andrei Burnaz, who was left with a broken foot during the London attacks, thanks everyone for their donations. Those donations will all go to charity.

Despite ISIS claiming responsibility for the London attacks, the police believe that Masood acted alone. There have been arrests since due to house raids, but there are no beliefs from London or even UK police that there were plans for anything further.

The Daily Voice News previous shared the names of the victims from the London attacks on March 22, 2017.

The news about Cristea comes two days after Russia’s metro was attacked by bombers and on the day Sweden faces a potential terrorist attack.

Cristea and Burnaz were holidaying in London at the time of the attacks. Burnaz was planning to propose while away. The family of the 31-year-old has paid tribute to Cristea, saying she was their “ray of light.” While thanking people for their monetary donations, the family also thanks the team at the hospital, who worked endlessly in vain to help her survive.

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