On This Day in History: April 7

On April 7, the Battle of Shiloh came to an end. Here is a look at other events from this day in history.

1348: First Central European University Opened

King Charles IV of the Romans and Bohemia opened the first central European university on this day in history. Prague University was modeled on Paris’ university and focused on four areas: law, medicine, theology, and the arts.Charles IV of Bohemia While it gained an international name, the teachers and students were primarily from central Europe. European kings have constantly influenced the changes and growth within the university and it has since split into two universities: one German and one Czech.

1776: First British Warship Capture By Americans

Today in history saw the Americans capture their first ever British warship. Captain John Barry took over the HMS Edward, just off the Virginian coast, boosting him into hero status for the Patriots. Continental forces gained a boost in morale after the events and it would lead to more British ships falling into American hands.


1862: Conclusion of the Battle of Shiloh

Near Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee, the Battle of Shiloh had taken place for the last two days, but the Confederate attack had stalled. After heavy fighting, the battle ended with a Union victory. It came with a loss on both sides, with 1,754 killed, 8,408 wounded and 2,885 captured/missing from the Union side and 1,723 killed, 8,012 wounded and Battle of Shiloh959 missing from the Confederates.

1976: Resignation of John Stonehouse

On this day in British history, Prime minister James Callaghan found himself with a minority government after the resignation of John Stonehouse. The Labour MP was a controversial one, and he had said the government was acting dangerously and unrealistically. He viewed the government as weak, due to the narrow victory it had had. His resignation meant the opposition parties totalled 316 seats to Labour’s 315. Callaghan was forced to create a pact with the Liberals the next year, but it did lead to the loss of power in 1979.

1994: Rwandan Civil War Starts

This day in history is the official start to the Rwandan Civil War, after 10 Belgian peacekeeping officers were killed. The Rwandan government wanted to stop international intervention into their genocide that started just hours earlier. An estimated 800,000 civilians were killed by Hutu extremists over the next three months, and the international forces did nothing to help. It would only be later that the United Nations would act.

Famous Birthdays on April 7

Louise Hollandine, daughter of King Frederik V & Elizabeth Stuart–1622

John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby–1648

Pope Clement XII–1652

King Charles Felix of Sardinia–1756

Poet laureate William Wordsworth—1770

American football founder Walter Camp—1859

Cereal creator W.K. Kellogg—1860

Jazz singer Billie Holiday—1915

The Great Escape actor James Garner—1928

Pentagon Papers activist Daniel Ellsberg—1931

Rush Hour actor Jackie Chan—1954

Gladiator actor Russell Crowe—1964

Wrestler Rosey—1970


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Featured image from Deposit Photos

Charles IV of Bohemia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_IV,_Holy_Roman_Emperor#/media/File:Charles_IV-John_Ocko_votive_picture-fragment.jpg

Image of the Battle of Shiloh: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Shiloh#/media/File:Thure_de_Thulstrup_-_Battle_of_Shiloh.jpg

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