Sacre Bleu! Is the Next Craze Colored Eyebrows?

Just when you thought you had your eyebrows the way you wanted them — colorful eyebrows are showing up on your visual radar. Whether they last or are just an overnight fling is anyone’s guess.

Sacre Bleu! Is the Next Craze Coloured Eyebrows?

How do you like your eyebrows? Blue or Pink?

Perhaps with the continued popularity and unnatural progression of shades of blue, green, rose, amber, rose-gold,etc., etc. hair colors today, it was bound to happen. Sam Escobar from Allure magazine tells us she has always had some shade of blue in her hair but before now never thought of having blue eyebrows.

She was pleasantly surprised, however, when she actually went ahead with it. She discovered she liked it! She tells us she used an assortment of blue-hued deep eyeshadows and layered each eyebrow with them using a brush and a lot of daring. (Best to brush those shades on in the same order, of course.)

Light or barely-there-brows could be shaded a number of colors without having to be dyed. Using eyeshadow, colored mascara and/or bright eyeliner pencils are two ways to do it. Dark eyebrows are more difficult to change, however, and sometimes must be covered up with primer or concealer or bleached first before applying the bright color.

Fun options seem limitless! See the tutorial that may just “raise your eyebrows” to a whole new level!

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