Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 20 Trailer: It’s Time for Another Plane Disaster

As if the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial hadn’t had enough. In Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 20, Meredith will be on yet another plane that goes down. This time she will be with Riggs, so will he be strong enough to hold her together?

It took a long time for Meredith to get back on another plane after that Season 8 plane crash. While Meredith owns part of Grey Sloan Memorial because of it, she also lost a sister and friend. Now she will face another plane disaster, this time with Riggs nearby. Of course, before the disaster, it looks like she decides to put her own feelings first for a chance and pulls Riggs into the toilets to join the Mile High Club.

ABC shares the short Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 20 synopsis. Meredith and Riggs will need to face their feelings, as they are both on the commercial flight. It’s unclear just why they are both on this commercial flight, as Meredith looks surprised to find out Riggs is on it in the trailer. They will be sat next to each other, but the commercial flight suggests this is for personal reasons.

It looks like the episode will be wholly within the plane. This is a similar set up to other Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 episodes, with episodes focused on individual characters at the women’s prison, in an OR room, and in Montana for Japril the Sequel. The smaller cast allows for a more focused episode, but there are a few storylines that seem to have been totally abandoned or forgotten about because of this setup.

As with many other episodes this season, Episode 20 will be directed by one of Grey’s Anatomy’s own, Chandra Wilson. The episode is titled “In the Air Tonight” and will air on Thursday, April 14, 2017. Check back here for the recap of the episode.

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