‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Recap: Episode 17 ‘The British Invasion’

It’s a British invasion in Supernatural Season 12 this week. After weeks of hinting that the British Men of Letters were a little dark and evil, this week confirmed it. Will the American hunters be exterminated?

Part of me has always wanted us to be a little wrong about the British Men of Letters. I know that is the Brit in me. For some reason, American TV shows and movies have to use Brits for evil characters. Just look at Crowley!  This week we find out just how far the British will go to get a monster free America.

There are spoilers in this Supernatural recap. You have been warned!

We start with a look at the past. Two boys are walking into a boarding school, talking about leaving for Christmas break. The headmistress calls them into her office and makes it clear that only one will leave. We all know who will come out: the boy with no parents, who is conveniently Mick.

As the brothers travel, we see Irene again. She’s on the phone to the Winchester brothers with news about Kelly. Seriously, how is it that Sam always has perfect signal and WiFi to do everything? He should not have been able to make that video call while they were driving back to the bunker.

When the brothers do get back, Mick is waiting for them. He has information that he needs to check out and it doesn’t take him long to realize that the brothers have been holding back on some very important information. The British Men of Letters need the spawn of Satan gone and they will do anything they can to stop it, including killing Kelly.

The problem is they have no idea where Kelly is. She’s somewhere with Daegon, who isn’t too happy that Kelly wants to see a doctor about her pregnancy. Daegon is also in telepathic contact with Lucifer, which is interesting. Since when did demons no longer need blood to communicate, though? What’s even stranger is that Daegon can telepathically make the doctor stop looking at something strange on the sonogram. Did we ever see Azazel do that? Maybe it was a power that was never shown.

Unfortunately, the doctor isn’t too long for this world. He’s killed by a demon working for Daegon, who just happens to run into Irene. The deaf hunter is able to get Kelly’s number and takes it straight to the Winchesters. I adore that they brought her back. She and the Winchesters make an awesome team, especially with her mixed personality of the two brothers. I also love that the Winchesters are learning that they can trust some of the other hunters out there. It’s clear that they will need each other soon.

Sam is able to use a call to Kelly to lure her away from Daegon. This gives the Winchesters and Mick a chance to set a trap. Only Mick has orders to kill Kelly, the baby, and Daegon and the headmistress—clearly the head of the British Men of Letters—is sending some guy who was the top of his class (and nobody cares about him) to make sure the job is done.

Of course, it doesn’t turn out the way it was planned. Daegon gets Kelly and just as Irene fires the clot, Daegon disappears. The bullet hits the guy that we don’t care about. Even though the death was accidental, there is a code among the Men of Letters. That person who fired the shot must die. Mick is about to shoot Irene, but the Winchesters convince him otherwise. It’s time to change the code.

That doesn’t work out well for Mick. The headmistress is angry that he decided to let the hunter live. Realizing that the hunters can’t be swayed, she decides that it’s time to exterminate every last one of them. While Mick is about to give a rousing speech, he’s shot in the back of the head by Mr. Ketch.

The death of Mick doesn’t bother me that much. I have liked his character from the beginning and it’s clear that he realized the organization could change, but it’s not like he was an integral part of Supernatural Season 12. I am interested in whether Mr. Ketch will attempt to kill all the Winchesters now, especially after sleeping with Mary Winchesters and then being told that it meant nothing. The poor guy clearly has feelings for Mama Winchester.

Meanwhile in Hell, Crowley still has Lucifer under lock and key. There is other magic within the vessel, so Lucifer has to do everything he’s told. He is basically a puppet, but there are some ways around the magic and Lucifer manages to get everyone on his side. The problem is the demon who created the spell has been killed, so it can’t be reversed just yet.

And in the end, Daegon decided to lock up Kelly. It doesn’t really matter for her, since she will be dead when the baby is born anyway.

Things are looking dark in Supernatural Season 12. With a Season 13 renewal, it’s clear that Sam and Dean Winchester can’t die permanently, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is safe. Just who will Mr. Ketch and the evil headmistress start with as they exterminate the American hunters? Will someone realize that the monster world isn’t all black and white?

Supernatural Season 12 continues on Thursday at 8pm on the CW.

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