On This Day in History: April 9

Today in history, a British king was crowned and a British prince married his second wife. Here’s a look at the events from April 9 throughout the world.

1413: Coronation of Henry V of England

Today in history, Henry V was officially crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey. The coronation took just 16Henry V days after he ascended to the throne, following the death of his father, King Henry IV of England. The coronation took place during a snowstorm, which the people debated whether was a good or a bad omen for his reign. Henry V would become known for his great accomplishment at the Battle of Agincourt but would die of dysentery, leaving his son Henry VI as the youngest King of England.

1483: Death of Edward IV of England

Edward IV of England died of pneumonia on this day in history. He left a 12-year-old son to take over the throne, with his brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester as his regent. The decision wasn’t something Edward’s wife Elizabeth Woodville liked. In fact, this decision led to the disappearance of both Edward V and his brother Richard of Shrewsbury and Elizabeth’s marriage to Edward VI being declared null and void. Richard, Duke of Gloucester became King Richard III of England. The young king Edward V and his brother are now known as the “Princes in the Tower.”

1940: Norway and Denmark Invaded by Germany

In history today, Norway and Denmark found themselves the next victims of German invasion. German warships entered the major ports of Norway between Narvik and Oslo, while other German forces occupied Copenhagen and other major Danish cities. Despite Britain attempting to keep Norway ports safe, foreign minister Vidkin Quisling had allowed German ships to enter due to his pro-fascist views. The Norwegian government tried to fight back, but Germans entered by parachute and Quisling led a puppet regime. King Christian X of Denmark was convinced that they could not fight against the Germans and surrendered.

Edward IV1947: Oklahoma Town Destroyed in Tornado

Today in history, a tornado almost completely destroyed Woodward, Oklahoma. More than 100 people died within the town, with another 80 dying elsewhere within the state from a series of tornados that devastated the area. The people of Woodward described the twister as two miles wide, with hail and lightning preceding it. Residents were left in darkness when the electrical and gas plants were completely destroyed. While fires broke out, heavy rain did help to keep them under control. The National Guard was called in to help build the town back up, with army barracks used to home the now homeless residents.

2005: The Marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

Today in British history, Charles, Prince of Wales married for the second time. This time it was to his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles. The marriage was controversial to the public and for this reason held in private at Windory Guildhall, outside of London. Originally scheduled for the day before, the ceremony was postponed to avoid conflict with Pope John Paul II’s funeral. Queen Elizabeth II refused to attend the civil ceremony, but she and husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh did attend the blessing ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor afterwards. While Camilla will become “Queen Camilla” when Charles becomes king, she has already stated that she will use the title “princess consort” instead in respect of the British people.

Famous Birthdays on April 9

Turkic Timurid dynasty founder, Tamerlane—1336

Princess Albertine Agnes of Orange-Nassau—1634

Son of Charles II, James Scott, Duke of Monmouth—1649

Poet Charles Baudelaire—1821

Actor and activist, Paul Robeson—1898

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner—1926

Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester–1986

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart—1990

Maleficent actress Dakota Fanning—1998

The Ingham Family of FIVE YouTube star Isla Ingham—2012


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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