Most Memorable Dances on DWTS

It’s the most memorable year week on “Dancing with the Stars” and the stars will be reliving their most memorable events through dance. The most memorable night of dances always brings some very emotional performances for the dancers, judges, and audience.


First up was Normani and Valentin with some help from her Fifth Harmony band mates. Normani’s most memorable year is 2012 – the year she joined Fifth Harmony. Normani and Val perform a Rumba while her band mates sing live. Host Tom Bergeron said that they did a great job and what a way to start; adding that it was great having Fifth Harmony there. Len called it a terrific dance; adding that Normani has a great charismatic personality but noted that now that the tour is over, he wants to see more content in the dances. Julianne called Normani a powerhouse; adding that she danced like her career depended upon it. Bruno called Normani a Rumba dominatrix and a diva on overdrive; adding that it almost felt like Val was unnecessary. Bruno called Normani strong, powerful, and a joy to watch. Noting that they had a lift in their dance, Carrie Ann said that she felt every movement was empowering. Earning a nine from Bruno, Normani and Val scored 32 points for their dance.

With a little help from the DWTS Troupe girls, Nick and Peta performed a Rumba to the Ed Sheeran song “Shape of You”. Nick’s dance was for 2016 – the year he met his fiancee Vanessa on “The Bachelor”. Nick ended his dance shirtless and with Vanessa. Tom noted that the dance was good top to bottom. Calling it his best dance, Julianne said that Nick looked very comfortable with the women. Julianne told Nick to keep it up. Saying that he felt something new stirring in Nick tonight, Bruno also noted that he thinks that Nick felt it and connected; adding that’s the way to go. Carrie Ann thought the beginning of the dance was a bit rough; but noted that Nick told the story better and was connected. Saying that he still had a way to go, Len noted that it was Nick’s best dance so far. Earning his highest score so far, Nick and Peta scored 30 points for their dance.

Nancy and Artem performed a Foxtrot about her family and having children. Nancy revealed that she had had six miscarriages in eight years. Tom noted that it felt like everybody was more in the zone tonight. Bruno said that the dance had a dynamic flow and was a well constructed routine. Carrie Ann noted that Nancy has an incredible vulnerability that lies just beneath her courage. Len said that the dance had the right amount in hold and was a proper Foxtrot; adding that she has become a front runner. Julianne noted that each week Nancy has been the one to make the biggest strides. Earning a nine from Len, Nancy and Artem scored 33 points for their dance.

Mr. T and Kym performed a Waltz to “Amazing Grace” that was dedicated to 1995 – the year that Mr. T learned he had cancer and gave his life over to the one thing that was real – his faith. Tom noted that Mr. T gets more dapper each week. An emotional Carrie Ann said that Mr. T was winning their hearts; adding that his faith radiated out of him. Carrie Ann called Mr. T gallant, genteel, and full of grace. Len said that they were definitely “The A Team”; adding that he loved the way Kym worked with Mr T this week. Len said that he admired Mr T more than any other celebrity. Calling the performance breathtaking, Julianne said that there was beauty in the performance and Mr T’s spirit came thought and the story was evident on the stage. Bruno called Mr. T a man with a heart of gold and the dance reflected who he was. Mr. T and Kym scored 28 points for their dance.

With Maks still recovering from his calf injury, Alan performed a Cha Cha to “Shut Up and Dance” with Heather that was dedicated to the year she got married – 2015. Len called the dance sharp, crisp, and lovely with lots of content; adding that the dance had a lot of hip action. Agreeing with Len, Julianne said that Heather nailed it, had great technique, and was fun all around. Saying, “me too,” Bruno asked if he could marry them both; adding she didn’t miss a beat and looked like she was having a great time. Calling he performance fantastic, Carrie Ann said that Heather becomes more beautiful with each dance. Heather and Alan scored 35 points for their dance. Standing the Heather and Alan, Maks said that Alan has more than proven himself to be a pro dancer next season.

David and Lindsay performed Chicago Cubs World Series inspired Viennese Waltz to “Forever Young” – his walk up song when played baseball. David scored the winning home run in the final game of the 2016 World Series – his 100th career homer. During rehearsals former Chicago Cub team mate Anthony Rizzo and David’s children made a visit this week. Noting that everyone was on their game this week, Julianne said that the dance was beautiful and David has an infectious energy. Calling the dance wonderfully dynamic and a beautiful routine, Bruno said that David has the energy of a spring chicken. Noting that David lost a little control in the dance, Carrie Ann called the dance very uplifting. Saying that he had been watching videos of baseball, Len said that he was going to talk to David in a language he understood. Len then stood up and began making signs like baseball players do. The Chicago Cubs were supposed to raise their championship banner before their opening game at Wrigley Field on Monday night but the game was delayed by rain. Co-host Erin Andrews revealed that during the rain delay the stadium aired David and Lindsay’s dance. David and Lindsay scored 31 points for their dance.

Rashad and Emma performed a Contemporary dance dedicated to Rashad’s relationship with his father. Rashad ended the dance by going in the audience and hugging his parents. The audience gave him a standing ovation. A mesmerized Bruno said that he wasn’t watching the dance but tow great artists. Calling the dance incredible, Carrie Ann said that Rashad missed his true calling – he was born to be a dancer. Calling the dance incredible, Len loved the concept and the emotion in the dance. An emotional Julianne said that she had no words to express what she was feeling. Tom noted that there was so much emotion. Rashad said that there was nothing special about him, it was his family that put him where he is and he had never thanked them. Earning a near perfect score, Rashad and Emma scored 39 points for their dance.

Erika Jayne and Gleb performed a Cha Cha to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”. Carrie Ann loved how Erika performed; calling it bold and fearless; noting that the choreography was different for Erika and it was fantastic. Saying that she had reached a plateau, Len called the dance a bit of the same ole same ole; adding that he wants to see her come out and really dance. Julianne called Erika fierce and raw just like Madonna but wanted to see more hip action. Bruno loved that Erika went for it but he noted that Erika needs to work on her technique. Erika and Gleb scored 30 points for their dance.

Simone and Sasha performed a Viennese Waltz dedicated to the year 2000 – the year she was adopted. At the end of the dance she ran to her parents and hugged them. Tom called her parents up on stage to stand with Simone during the comments and scores. Tom said that he watched Simone start the dance in tears and asked how she got through the dance like that. Simone said muscle memory. Len called it Simone’s best dance so far. Julianne said that it was it was just what she was waiting for; adding that the emotion came through. Calling Simone adorable, Bruno said that she danced beautifully. Carrie Ann called the dance so beautiful and breathtaking. Simone and Sasha scored 36 points for their dance.

In the final dance of the night Bonner and Sharna performed a Foxtrot to “Feeling Good” dedicated to 2016 – the year that Bonner was paralyzed after being thrown by a bull and landing on his head. Telling Bonner to mosey on down, Tom noted that Bonner was pretty smooth out there. Julianne was feeling good after the dance noting that Ballroom dance suits Bonner and he made a huge improvement over last week. Saying that there was a new leading man in town, Bruno said that this week the concept and content were perfect. Carrie Ann noted that there was fluidity and authenticity in Bonner’s moves with an effortless dignity. Len said that Bonner had a good frame but his footwork needed some work; and welcomed him to the competition. Bonner and Sharna scored 32 points for their dance.

Most Memorable Week Scores:
Mr. T and Kym – 28
Nick and Peta – 30
Erika and Gleb – 30
David and Lindsay – 31
Normani and Val – 32
Bonner and Sharna – 32
Nancy and Artem – 33
Heather and Alan – 35
Simone and Sasha – 36
Rashad and Emma – 39

In the results this week Mr. T and Kym and Erika and Gleb were in jeopardy of elimination with Mr T and Kym going home this week. The house gave Mr. T a standing ovation. Mr. T noted that he couldn’t dance but he did try; adding that he enjoyed himself and it was a great experience.

Next week it’s Disney Night.

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