‘Cosplay Melee’ Enters the Hi-Tech World of Gaming

This week in “Cosplay Melee” the four contestants – Josh, Becka, Steven, and Cait – will enter the world of video games…but not just any video games – the world of hi-tech futuristic video games.


For round one host and judge Yvette Nicole Brown challenges the players create an original character that was inspired by their favourite hi-tech futuristic game.

For round one the players must create and build a signature weapon that is fully integrated into their character’s exoskeleton. The players have only eight hours to complete the challenge.
Cait built a flamethrower
Steven built a plasma cannon
Becka’s weapon is called a genesis
and Josh built the annihilator 14 – multiple weapons

The judges noted how all of the players were very ambitious with their creations and did a lot of work in a short amount of time.

The winner of round one is Josh with his annihilator – 14. Josh was shocked and ecstatic over the win.

Cait was eliminated from the competition. The judges didn’t feel that her weapon fit into the world she had chosen.

Next to Yvette is a table with bundles of lights for them to use in their costumes. For winning the round Josh got to choose first.

During the reveal, the house lights will be lowered to see how the players used their lights in the costume.

Leeann and Christian visit the workroom to offer some tips and advise to the players.

It is finally time for the reveal on the runway.

Up first, the judges were impressed with Josh’s character. Christian said that Josh got the aging down very well and while he loved the use of the lighting, Christian felt that there wasn’t enough lights used. Calling it a well fitted costume, Christian said that the costume reminded him of some work he had done in “Fallout”. Saying that Josh did a fantastic job, Leeann loved his story; adding that the armour was perfectand fit right in with the game world. Yvette said that Josh’s character was really impressive.

Leeann said that the mask on Steven’s character was the first thing she noticed; adding that she was impressed with the details. Noting that Steven gave the the lights they were asking for, Christian said that over all Steven did a fantastic job. Yvette was blown away by Steven’s character.

Christian liked the lights on Becka’s skirt but noted the costume had some fit issues. Leeann loved the visor and the overall great story, but noted that there were some disconnects. Yvette noted that Becka had a huge concept and her time just got away form her.

After deliberations, Yvette named Steven as the winner of the challenge and the $10,000 prize. When Yvette asked Steven what he would do with his winnings, Steven said take his family on a well deserved trip.

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