Is ‘Chicago Fire’ New Tonight, April 11, 2017?

Fans of Chicago Fire will want to know if there is a new episode on tonight, April 11, 2017. Unfortunately, NBC has decided to postpone it for the next two weeks.

While you wait, check out the most recent Chicago Fire recap. You’ll want to read this if you haven’t seen the most recent episode, as the synopsis for the newest episode in two weeks is below.

Chicago Fire is on another hiatus. This one is just for two weeks, and likely due to the Neilsen viewer ratings sweep that takes place between April 27 and May 27. NBC will want its shows to air during this time to check if they are performing as well as expected to make decisions on next season’s lineup.

There is no need to worry about Chicago Fire just yet, but NBC won’t want to tempt fate. It just doesn’t make the wait any easier. New Chicago Fire Season 5 will return to screens on April 25, 2017.

The next episode will answer some of the questions that fans have after last week’s shocking ending. Anna will continue to be cold and distant with Severide, leading him to find out why. He wants to make this relationship work, but Anna has already made a decision that the two aren’t right for each other.

Meanwhile, Squad 3’s rig breaks down and Squad 6 will come to the rescue. The two squads will need to work together temporarily while the rig is fixed, and that clearly isn’t going to be easy.

As for Dawson and Brett, they will start their first shift back in training. Last week they took the blame for their trainee performing CPR that caused a broken rib.

There is plenty of excitement to come to Chicago Fire Season 5, but new episodes won’t air for another two weeks. NBC will air reruns this week and next week. There is no trailer currently available for the new episode at the time of writing this.

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