Knockout Conclude on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final night of the Knockout Rounds on “The Voice”. By the end of the show the coaches will have filled their teams and revealed the top 20. Alicia is the only coach who has a steal left.

The Voice

In the first pairing of the night Blake put Andrea Thomas and Lauren Duski up for a battle. Andrea chose “Cry” by Faith Hill and Lauren sang “When You Say Nothing at All”. Alicia really liked the way that Andrea delivered the song but felt that she sang more than she felt; while Lauren felt more than she sang. A former backup singer, Gwen questioned why Andrea had not recorded her own album; adding that Lauren should record her song. Adam said that Andrea impressed him but Lauren comforts him. Blake said that it was the battle he had been dreading because both singers are amazing. Calling them two incredibly talented people, Blake chose Lauren as the winner; no one stole Andrea.

Alicia paired Jack Cassidy and Vanessa Ferguson for a battle and for the first time two singers in a battle played the piano. Jack chose the X Ambassadors hit “Unsteady” and Vanessa chose the Gladys Knight and the Pips hit “If I Were Your Woman”. Gwen loved Jack’s song choice but Vanessa knocked her out. Adam noted Jack’s struggle with emotion during his performance; adding that Vanessa could be a big win for Alicia. Blake was wrapped up in Jack’s freely singing but noted that saying Vanessa gave a phenomenal performance is like saying water is wet. Alicia noted that she didn’t think they had seen the best of Jack yet; adding that she was impressed with Vanessa and they haven’t seen the whole of Vanessa yet. Noting that she was proud to have two piano players on her team, Alicia named Vanessa as the winner of the battle.

Adam paired Davina Leone and Jesse Larson for a battle. Davina chose the Britney Spears hit “Toxic” with Jesse performing the Joe Cocker classic “The Letter”. Blake said that Davina was good and fun but Jesse, “sang the crap out of the song.” Saying that she couldn’t believe what she had just heard, Alicia said that there was something personal about what Davina did. Gwen noted that Davina was not afraid to go for it; but she had never seen anyone command the stage like Jesse did. Adam noted that Davina was very subdued, staying true to herself; but Jesse was like a maniac and made a spiritual connection to the song. Saying that both singers did fantastic, Adam said that he was blown away by Jesse and chose him as the winner of the battle. There was no steal for Davina.

In a clip, Adam paired Malik Davage and Mark Isaiah for a battle with Mark as the winner of the battle.

Gwen paired Brandon Royal and JChosen for a battle. Right after the blind auditions JChosen’s mom had a stroke, he chose “Without You” as a way to express his feelings over recent events. Virgin Island native Brandon Royal chose the Bob Marley hit “Redemption Song”. Adam said that Brandon did a cool job and Jchosen took a hard song and crushed it. Blake noted that what Brandon did in the blinds blew him away and he was hoping for more of that; adding that JChosesn pushed the limits and nailed it. Alicia said that Brandon’s “Redemption Song” felt good on him but JChosen was charming with a pure voice that cut through. Saying that she was blown away by both singers, Gwen was moved by Brandon’s decision to put a modern spiel on his song; adding that JChosen chose a song that delivered a message. Saying that is was really challenging for her because they were both gifted singers, Gwen chose JChosen as the winner of the battle.

In his final battle, Blake paired Aliyah Moulden and Caroline Sky for a battle. Aliyah chose the Carrie Underwood hit “Before He Cheats” and Caroline chose the Etta James classic “At Last” for their performances. Host Carson Daly said beautiful work ladies. Alicia said that Aliyah had a beautiful voice and Caroline’s voice lends itself to Etta James’ music. Gwen said that Aliyah showed a mature side of herself and it was her favourite performance from Aliyah; adding that Caroline chose a great song to show off her flexibility. Adam noted that Aliyah did something brilliant tonight – no boyfriend would ever cheat on her; adding that Caroline did well with the tough choice of Etta James. Adam noted that both singers made ambitious choices. Blake said that he appreciated that neither singer made it easy for themselves and both took it to the next level. Saying that both young people deserved to be in the competition, Blake chose Aliyah as the winner of the battle.

In the final knocout battle, Gwen paired Stephanie Rice and Troy Ramey for a battle. Stephanie sang “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and Troy chose “Chandelier” by Sia. Adam said that Stephanie had an interesting voice but Troy was something really special. Blake said that both singers were intense performers and did a great job. Alicia said that every time Stephanie opens her mouth a real truth comes out and as for Troy, he made an ambitious song choice and made the song his own. Gwen said that it was almost impossible to choose a winner. While Stephanie had the power to deliver and was incredible as an artist, Troy was interesting; adding that she felt there was much more to see from him. Gwen chose Troy as the winner of the battle.

As Stephanie was hugging Gwen goodbye, an excited Alicia pushed her button to steal Stephanie.

Next up is the top 20 and America’s first chance to have their say in who stays and who goes home.

Team Alicia:
Chris Blue
Anatalia Villaranda
Vanessa Ferguson

Ashley Levin

Stephanie Rice – steal

Team Gwen:
Quizz Swanigan – steal
Hunter Plake
Brennley Brown
Tory Ramey

Team Adam:
Hanna Eyre
Josh West
Lily Passero – steal
Jesse Larson
Mark Isaiah

Team Blake:
Casi Joy
Aaliyah Rose – steal
Lauren Duski
Aliyah Mouldin

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