Polynesian Gods Come to Life on ‘Face Off’

Only five artists remain on “Face Off: All Stars” and next week it’s the semi finals. Who will move on and who will fall a little short and be sent home?

Face Off

When the artists walk into the lab they find some Tiki statues, Polynesian decor and McKenzie standing in the sand. She tells the artists that films have used various forms of mythology but there is one mythology that has rarely been explored – Hawaiian mythology; adding that their time in the spotlight is long overdue.

For this week’s challenge the artists will take one of the Tiki statues and use it to create the god or goddess that it represents.

Telling the artists that dance was the primary way people celebrated the gods, McKenzie reveals that this week the models are all trained dancers who will be performing a traditional Polynesian dance on the “Face Off” reveal stage.

Tyler got first pick of the statues and chose Kane – the god of earth and stone.
George chose Kanaloa – the god of the sea and the oldest of the gods.
Emily chose Pele – the goddess of fire and volcanoes.
Logan got Lono – the go of agriculture.
And Cig got Ku – the god of war and the only Hawaiian god who was involved with human sacrifice.

Tyler is again using the stone character theme and Emily cautions him about repeating himself – something the judges frown upon.

There is plenty of room to spread out and work in the lab with only five artists, but they choose to stay close to each other and banter back and forth good naturedly as they work; sometimes even checking up on what each other is doing.

Michael Westmore visits the lab to mentor the artists. Michael does not agree with some of what Logan is doing and tells him, “it’s an idea.” Logan eventually agrees, but now Logan has no idea of what to do. Michael tells Logan to look at his statue and get some ideas from the forms there. Eventually Logan decides against making a cowl at all.

Michael advises Emily on her decision to create a lava makeup, reminding her that the success or failure of the character wil depend on her ability to create that lava.

George notes that he is the only artist remaining who did not make it to the finals in his season and is a bit concerned.

Instead of sculpting his cowl, Tyler fabricates one; noting that it saves time.

Cig cuts a Popsicle stick and cuts it into a triangle to help create some of the artwork on his character.

A very stressed Emily says that her cowl and ugly and awful but it is too late to start over; adding that she will have to make the best of it.

After ditching his cowl idea, Logan is worried that he hasn’t done enough on his character and decides to create a tattoo for his god.

A little ahead of schedule, Tyler and Cig have begun pre-painting some of their pieces.

On application day Emily still doesn’t like her makeup and is sure she will end up in the bottom and going home. George ran his prosthetics in silicone which take a lot of time to apply. Logan questions whether or not his character is actually god like.

Going in to last looks, George notices that his character is completely different from all the others and wonders whether or not he has done enough.

Lois Burwell returns to the “Face Off” stage as a guest judge this week, joining head judge Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page.

After the reveal and before closer looks the dancers give their performance.

With only five artists, the judges decide to speak with all of them…

Glenn said that George’s character was incredibly successful and absolutely gorgeous with some fine detail work. Saying that he did some excellent work, Neville loved the details from front to back. Lois noted that she could see how far George had come. In deliberations the judges noted that George’s character was so elegantly crafted with an insane amount of detail work.

Ve said that Tyler did a bizarre thing and it wasn’t what they were looking for; adding that she wanted to see more stone work. Nevile said that it didn’t feel realistic. While she thought that the rock shape was nice, Lois said that there was nice shapes in the rock, but she wanted divine not vines all over the face. The judges noted that Tyler’s character had a quagmire of concepts.

Neville noted that Emily’s head shape was where she started to go wrong and Lois noted that the elegance was missing from the character. Noting that fire is a difficult thing to do, Glenn said that Emily just got lost this week. The judges said that the makeup felt muddy and misguided.

Lois said that Cig’s work had a phenomenal sculpt and paint job. Glenn said the character, “embodies what we are looking for;” adding it was the, “pulse of a deity form.” Glenn called Cig’s work unbelievable. Ve said that Cig had fantastic colour transitions and the character looked like a god. Saying that they were beyond impressed, the judges noted that Cig was the only one who created a god of some sort this week. Glenn said that it was one of the finest examples of interpretive art he had ever seen on the show.

Glenn noted that Logan was too timid this week; adding that the character should be covered in tattoos. Ve noted that it didn’t look regal or like a god. Neville noted that Logan’s hybridization didn’t work. The judges said that the fusion of agricultural elements made no sense.

The winner of this week’s challenge is Cig and the first person in the semi finals. Safe George and Tyler are also in the semi finals; but Emily and Logan are in the bottom and in danger of being eliminated.

The artist who was eliminated this week is Logan. Logan noted that “it sucks” to be going home so close to the end but on the bright side, he gets to see his family.

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