Tuesday April 11, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

Tuesday April 11, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. Monday in San Bernardino, Calif., Cedric Anderson, opened fired on his former wife’s classroom where she taught special needs students at North Park School. The gunman shot at Karen Smith without saying a word and continued to shoot hitting, two students who were behind Smith including Jonathan Martinez, 8, who later died at a nearby hospital. The other student, an unidentified 9-year-old, was hospitalized in stable condition Monday afternoon. Anderson walked into the school with the hidden weapon saying he had to drop something off with Smith from whom he was separated from.

2. In Pennsylvania, an unusual moment has occurred for the sitting Governor, Tom Wolfe and the Lt. Governor, Mike Stack. The Governor has called for an investigation into Stack’s actions involving complaints of how Stack is treating employees who work in the Lt. Governor’s office. According to news outlets, a Pennsylvania State Police security detail and staffers at the taxpayer-funded lieutenant governor’s residence at Fort Indiantown Gap are stating that there has been mistreatment by Stack. The Office of Inspector General is heading the investigation who usually consider waste, fraud, abuse and corruption within the executive branch.

3. United Airlines is facing a publicity nightmare after physically removing a passenger from a flight, not because the passenger misbehaved but they had oversold seats on the flight. The passenger was forcibly dragged from flight while onlookers recorded the actions of the employees. The passenger suffered facial injuries to his face which was bleeding when the passenger tried to re-enter the plane after being removed. The passenger has been identified as being of Chinese decent which has caused an uproar in his native country with social media and news broadcasts calling for a boycott of United Airlines.

4. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued a stern warning to Russia Tuesday, stating that, “We want to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people. Russia can be a part of that future and play an important role.” Tillerson continued, “Or Russia can maintain its alliance with this group, which we believe is not going to serve Russia’s interests longer term. We cannot let this happen again.” Tillerson added that, “It is clear to all of us that the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end,” Tillerson then stated “but the question of how that ends and the transition itself could be very important in our view to the durability, the stability inside of a unified Syria.”

5. While Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, was traveling to Russia, North Korea issued threats against the United States once again. Tuesday, North Korean warned the United States of a nuclear attack if there is any sign of U.S. aggression. The remarks come as the USS Carl Vinson strike group set sail north to the Western Pacific after departing Singapore on Saturday. President Donald Trump, who has urged China to do more to rein in North Korea tweeted that North Korea was “looking for trouble” and the United States would “solve the problem” with or without China’s help.

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