‘Supernatural’ Season 12, Episode 18 Promo and Sneak Peek: “The Memory Remains”

Supernatural Season 12 continues this week with Episode 18 “The Memory Remains.” Take a look at what to expect based on the promo and sneak peek of the episode.

Supernatural is taking a break from the British Men of Letters for now. After last week’s shocking twist, that isn’t surprising. Whether Castiel and Crowley will be part of this week’s standalone episode remains unclear.

If you need to catch up with Supernatural Season 12, don’t forget to check out last week’s recap.

As for this week, the Winchesters will be taken to a small town that has a dark secret. There’s a “goat dude,” as Dean lovingly refers to him, who may or may not be a God or type of devil. Of course, the Winchesters are no strangers to devil worshipping and God sacrifices, but they’re not too certain what to believe about this town.

In the sneak peek, they’re only just gathering the initial intelligence. There they will meet a young boy, while pretending to be Agents Stark and Martell—Game of Thrones fans do you think?—and will learn about “Black Bill.”

Could this really be a pagan God similar to the one Dean faced in Supernatural Season 1 (you remember the Scarecrow, right?) or will this be a man from the town dressing up in an attempt to keep everyone in order?

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 18 “The Memory Remains” will air on Thursday at 8pm on the CW.

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