RuPaul’s Drag Race Joins Morning TV Talk

Last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” the queens created a Fairy Tale Princess that sent Kimora Blacc home after Aja beat her out in the lip sync for your life.


In the workroom after the runway, the queens don’t get Valentina why the judges like her so much. Aja believes she is a star who deserves to be on the show.

RuPaul enters the workroom and tells the queens that the morning talk show is a cut throat business…one they are about to enter.

Working in teams of two the queens must put on their own rival morning show. After winning last week’s challenge, Trinity is one team captain and for surviving the lip sync last week Aja is the other team captain. RuPaul reminds the queens that on a morning talk show chemistry is everything.

Aja’s team will host “Good Morning Bi***es” and Trinity’s team will host “Not On Today”. The shows will be a live broadcast.

Trinity tells her team that she wants them to raise their hands and not talk over each other. She assigns the roles instead of letting the queens choose their roles.

On Aja’s team Charlie is trying to correct Cynthia’s diction – Cynthia is a Latina with a strong accent.

First up is “Good Morning Bi***es”.

Naya Rivera is the celebrity guest on GMB.

And now it’s time for “Not On Today”…

Naya Rivera also appears on “Not On Today”.

The runway look this week is Naughty Nighties.

The workroom topic while the queens were getting ready for the runway was HIV and AIDS and how many people they have lost. Charlie talks about telling people they are special. The queens also talk about eating disorders.

Joining RuPaul at the judges table this week are judging regulars Michhelle Visage and Ross Mathews and special guests judges Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman and Naya Rivera.

RuPaul called for Shea and Sasha to step forward. She told the queens that they were both the winners this week.

The team of GMB were all safe but the team from Not on Today were all up for elimination.

In their critiques…
The judges didn’t get Trinity’s talk show performance, saying that she needs to be more lighthearted instead of looking uptight and mean.

Peppermint had gorgeous makeup on the runway but the judges didn’t like her outfit. The judges noted that her performance felt more like a rehearsal than a live show.

The judges loved Charlie’s look but felt her runway walk looked tired and her performance said control freak and the timing was off.

While Cynthia’s outfit didn’t say nightie, her performance was so much fun.

Eureka’s outfit didn’t say nightie either but her performance was funny, real, and believable.

An emotional Nina called herself the cry baby this season but said hat she was happy. Concerned about her vulnerability, the judges noted that the rawness was worrisome. The judges loved her performance but felt that her outfit didn’t say nightie either.

Before deliberations, RuPaul asked the queens remaining on the runway who they felt should go home and why. Charlie, Trinity, and Peppermint were the three queens who garnered votes from their fellow queens.

In the next results, RuPaul named Cynthia, Eureka, Nina, and Peppermint as being safe but Trinity and Charlie were up for elimination and would have to lip sync for their lives.

The lip sync song this week was “I Wanna Go” by Britney Spears. Duing the performance, Trinity was all over the stage but Charlie chose to stand in one place and sing.

In the final results RuPaul said that Trinity went all the way and chantay you stay. But for Charlie it was time to sashay away. In her final comments Charlies said that she doesn’t lip sync, she sings live.

photo courtesy of: By David Shankbone – David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0,

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