Rosin Up the Bow and String Along Some Music

Classical music is filled with rules – rules about what notes can and cannot be played, rules abut how the notes should be played, and rules about what notes can be played together. The guys and gals of the sting quartet Rosin have all been classically trained and know those rules very well but have chosen to ignore the rules as they perform classical music fused with Jazz, Pop-Rock, and Bluegrass.


A traditional string quartet is comprised of two violins, a viola, and a cello; but for Rosin their quartet is Jake on violin, Annie on viola, Mina on cello, and Zack on the stand up bass.

While the band officially came together in 2014, various band members have known and worked with each other over the years.

Press information on the band states that they love music and perform every show like it will be their last. In a recent interview Annie and Jake added that the band has seen a cool musical development in that the four band members inspire each other to take their musicianship to a higher level with each band member wanting to be like the others in a mutual admiration society.

But it isn’t all serious business, band members also like to have a little fun and will occasionally try to trip each other up on a song.


And Jake isn’t saying but during the sold out performance at Carnegie Hall Annie watched anxiously as Jake had some issues during an instrument change and wondered if she would have to try and fill in Jake’s part.

Rosin released their self titled debut CD in February. Calling the Boston area home for most of the band members, the group is currently concentrating their live performances in and around the Boston area but are looking to expand in the New England area in the coming months.

When it comes to creating their Contemporary Classical music songs, Jake will usually bring an idea or a raw piece to the group where the composition is completed.

Playing since they were small children, the members of Rosin know the rules but willingly bend and break those rules all in the name of creating a work of art.

photos courtesy of HyPR Media

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