All in the Family with The Wizbangs

They say that parents live their dreams through their children, but Jim Feenstra is living his dream with his children…more specifically his two sons. Jim, James, and Charlie are The Wizbangs and in a recent interview with proud father and very soon to be grandfather the conversation turned as much to sports and the boys as it did about the music.

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Jim grew up in a musical household – his Dad and uncles had a Barbershop Quartet and his Mom sang with the Sweet Adeline’s. Jim said that one of his earliest memories is seeing “The Music Man”…and then came The Beatles.

Jim passed that love of music and The Fab Four on to his children. Oldest son James was beating and banging on everything he could find from the time he was old enough to learn how. It was a natural progression for James to become a drummer. And Dad says he has a good musical ear and makes a good producer too.

Dad plays the bass.

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Everything else…well, that’s youngest son Charlie’s domain. Along with some of the singing duties, Charlie can be heard on guitar, piano, and saxophone. And although it isn’t on the album, Charlie began his musical journey with the violin.

While the house was always rockin’ with music, the trio didn’t officially become a band until 2014 after Jim retired from a marketing career with Penske.

This past Valentine’s Day the trio released their debut album “Life, Love, and Other Mishaps”. The eleven song album features all original songs about life, love, and other events along the way.

The Wizbangs are one of those band that defies being pigeon-holed into one specific genre. The guys composed the song to fit the lyrics and the result is a multi genre album that covers everything from Rock-a-Billy to Punk Rock. There is something for everyone.

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Already working on new music for the next album, Jim promises that the next album will be a little more streamlined.

Jim says that he has a great time playing with his sons, but notes that the hardest part of if all is putting away his Dad ht. After all, he has been doing that job a lot longer than being a band member. Jim approaches the challenge as a great learning experience; adding that he is looking forward to what the future may bring.

Currently on baby watch and waiting for baby Vera to make her entrance, Jim said the band is on hold until summer when they will enter the studio to work on the new album and will work on playing some gigs.

photos courtesy of Jeff Fasano and HyPR Media

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