Manhunt in Cleveland, Ohio for Man Who Posted Shooting to Facebook

Breaking News: At approximately 2 p.m. EST on Sunday, April 16, 2017, a man identified as Steve Stephens posted a live video on Facebook showing himself shooting an elderly man at random, resulting in the man’s death in Cleveland, Ohio. A manhunt is currently underway to find the 37-year-old black man who police consider to be armed and dangerous.

Update April 17, 2017 10 a.m. EST: Steve Stephens remains at-large. The manhunt has been expanded to include several states. See details below.

At a press conference held early Sunday evening by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland’s chief of police, Stephens was urged to turn himself in without harming anyone else. In the meantime, local, state and federal officials are searching for Stephens who has said he has also killed a number of other people, none of which have been verified by law enforcement.

Stephens has indicated he will kill more people until the police are able to apprehend him. Anyone with information about Steve Stephens or his whereabouts are urged not to approach him but to call 911 instead.

Stephens is reported to be driving a white or light-colored sports utility vehicle. He is 6-foot-1, weighs 244 pounds, has a full beard and is bald. The featured image shows the blue and black striped shirt he was wearing at the time of the shooting broadcast on Facebook live.

Facebook has removed the video after it was on-site approximately three hours. Stephens, who has been identified as a mental health worker, stated he has just “snapped,” blaming his emotional state on an incident with a female companion.

Steve Stephens, Considered to Be Armed and Dangerous, Remains At-Large

As of 10 a.m. EST Monday, April 17, 2017, suspect Steve Stephens has continued to elude law enforcement who have now expanded the manhunt for him to several Midwest states. The most recent information indicates authorities picked up a ping near Erie, Pennsylvania from Stephen’s cell phone.

Corrected information on the vehicle Stephens was last known to be driving is that it is a white Ford Fusion with an Ohio temporary tag E363630.

Although Stephens told Cleveland police that he had killed a number of individuals in addition to Robert Godwin Sr., 74, of Cleveland, authorities there report those allegations by the suspect have been investigated and found to be untrue.

Law Enforcement continues to urge Stephens to turn himself in and for anyone he might contact to urge him to do the same. Meanwhile, authorities have vowed to find Stephens and apprehend him if he does not come forward voluntarily. Warnings have also been issued to anyone who may be aiding Stephens to elude capture that criminal charges may come to bear for such actions.

Anyone with information on Steve Stephens whereabouts is urged to call 1-800-CALL-FBI rather than approaching Stephens, who is considered to be armed and dangerous.

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