On This Day in History: April 16

On April 16, America saw one of its deadliest school shootings in history when 32 were killed at Virginia Tech. What events and birthdays took place in history today?

1705: Isaac Newton Knighted By Queen Anne of Britain

On this day in history, Isaac Newton became Sir Isaac after being knighted by the British queen, Anne Stuart. It took place at the Master’s Lodge at Trinity College, London. The decision for Anne to attend and knight him was a Isaac Newtonsurprise for everyone, including Newton, but Anne believed he deserved it for his scientific achievements.

1745: The Final Jacobite Battle of British Soil

Today in history, the final Jacobite battle on British soil, the Battle of Culloden, took place. Bonnie Prince Charlie led the battle, in an attempt to take the British throne back into Stuart hands. He was the grandson of King James II of England, who had been removed from power by William of Orange due to his Catholic views. After the death of Queen Anne without heirs, the crown passed to the House of Hanover, as the English wouldn’t allow a Catholic monarch take the throne. The Jacobites had wanted Bonnie Prince Charlie on the throne, but the House of Hanover held the forces back and forced them off British soil. Charles Edward Stuart never took the fight back to British soil again and the Jacobite caused effectively died.

1964: The “Great Train Robbers” Sentenced to Prison

Today in history, British criminals “The Great Train Robbers” were sentenced to 307 years in prison all together. It was among the longest sentences ever given in British criminal history. The 12 men had stolen £2.5m in bank notes when travelling from Glasgow to London in the August of 1963. Mr. Justice Edmund Davies said that he could not show leniency, considering the severity of the robbery and that it was carried out for greed rather than anything else.

2007: Virginia Tech Massacre

In recent history, America faced one of its deadliest shootings in its history. A total of 32 students and teachers were killed when student Seung Hui Cho open-fired at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He would later die from a self-inflicted wound. The violence began at 7:15am and finished around 9:50am. The U.S. Department ofPope Clemend XII Education fined the college in 2011 for failing to protect students after the first bout of shooting where two students died.

Famous Birthdays on April 16

King Louis the Pious–778

King John II of France–1319

Painter, Frans van Mieris, the Elder–1634

Pope Clement XII–1652

British Museum founder Hans Sloane—1660

Poet and statesman Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax–1661

Artic explorer Sir John Franklin—1786

Writer Anatoe France—1844

First airplane builder and flyer Wilbur Wright—1867

Actor Charlie Chaplin—1889

Moon River composer Henry Mancini—1924

Basketball player Lew Alcinder—1947

Pope Benedict XVI—1927

Futurama voice actor Billy West—1952


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