‘Soothe’ ‘Knowingness’ and ‘Time Travel’ with Shambhu

For some, listening to or playing music is a spiritual experience, but for New Age guitarist and Monk Shambhu it is an opportunity to bring that spirituality to life as he seeks to translate his spiritual consciousness into the music.

Shambhu 2014

This musical Monk has traveled a long road meeting many fellow spiritual seekers along the way. At times the mediation session became a jam session when Shambhu joined John McLachlan and a rock guitar player by the name of Carlos Santana.

Shambhu – Carlos Santana – playing at a meditation 24 years old  image1

In a recent interview Shambhu noted the need for music that can help people to let go; saying that in this technological age people are beginning to pulsate to the rhythm of their various devices. He notes that such activity is causing more anxiety and a need to find an escape from the hub-bub.

Shambhu – Sting playing afterparty for him and wife in LA

Shambhu said that in order for music to be good, it must first be heartfelt. While his music is a reflection of his own self, Shambhu’s compositions also leave some room for the listener to let themselves in as well.

A resident of San Diego, Shambhu noted that it is essential to playing music for one to observe the water – to watch how it flows and see where things go.

Shambhu live 2014

Having played music most of his life, Shambhu said that he chose to be the guy who performs music to help uplift people. Along the way Shambhu has shared meditation sessions, performances, and recording studios with numerous stars including Carlos Santana, Tony Levin, Whitney Houston, Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster Ann Licater, Jon Anderson of Yes, Clarence Clemmons from the E Street Band, Eugene Friesen Jill Haley, Noah Wilding, and Jeff Haynes

Shambhu has recently released his third album – “Soothe” – and he can be seen performing around San Diego where he admits that he is a little more prone to performing some improvisational pieces – just letting go and seeing where the spirit takes him.

photos courtesy of HyPR Media

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