3 Actors From ‘The Walking Dead’ Promoted to Series Regulars for Season 8

3 actors from The Walking Dead have already been promoted to regulars for the 8th Season that will begin in October this year. Those actors are Steven Ogg (who plays Simon), Katelyn Nacon (who plays Enid), and Pollyanna McIntosh (who plays Jadis).

The characters of Simon, Enid, and Jadis have had smaller roles up until this point, but their promotion to regulars indicates that they will have a much bigger part in the next season of The Walking Dead. Jadis in particular may come as a surprise to some because the way that Season 7 ended, her character could have been done of the show or could have continued. The fact that she’s been listed as a regular suggests that Jadis and the Scavengers will play a much bigger role in the future.

Scott Gimple, told TVLine, “It’s going to become a bit more kinetic and fast-moving, because that’s where the story is going. The content is definitely going to be determining the form.”

Of course, not all fans of The Walking Dead are thrilled about these promotions.

One fan even compared Jadis to the Jar Jar Binks of The Walking Dead.

As EW pointed out, this could mean that other characters might get more screen time, too. Which characters would you like to see more off?

What do you think of the characters of Jadis, Enid, and Simon playing bigger roles on The Walking Dead?

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