Disney Night on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

It’s Disney night on “Dancing with the Stars” which promises to be a fun filled night of Disney characters and special guest stars…and one more couple going home at the end of the night. This marks the halfway point of the season.


After a magical opening number with DWTS champion Alfonso Ribiero singing, Rashad and Emma perform a Foxtrot to “Ever More” from the new “Beauty and the Beast”. Last week Rashad and Emma scored the highest score of the season so far with 39 points. Noting that it was a difficult son to dance to, Len said that the Beast is turning into Prince Charming; adding that he hasn’t seen Rashad have a bad dance. Agreeing with Len on the song, Julianne called the dance timeless and beautiful; adding that Rashad nailed it. Bruno said that Rashad captured the classic Disney feel and connected with the song. Agreeing that Rashad hasn’t had a bad dance, Carrie Ann compared Rashad to a wild horse that draws them in; adding that she felt Rashad connecting to the dance but his movements felt a little small this week. Rashad and Emma scored 32 points for their dance. Not waiting until the end of the show to reveal the results, co-host Erin Andrews announced that Rashad and Emma are safe this week.

In more results…
Heather and Alan are safe; but Erikah and Gleb are in jeopardy. Bonner and Sharna are safe but Nick and Peta are in jeopardy.

Up next are Nick and Peta with a Jazz dance to music from “Pinocchio” – “I’ve Got No Strings” with Nick as Pinnochio. Nick shaved for the role and host Tom Bergeron noted that Nick looked like he was about 12 with a clean shaven face. Julianne called the dance so much fun with amazing choreography; adding that Nick is getting better each week. Bruno said, “you’re alive and wood no more.” Bruno said that the dance had the spontaneous fun of a child. Noting that Nick made a breakthrough this week, Carrie Ann said that from here on they were going to see something extraordinary from Nick. Len said the dance was fun, entertaining, and made them all feel better. Nick and Peta scored 34 points for their dance.

Erikah Jayne and Glen perform a Viennese Waltz to the music from “Finding Dory”. Bruno said that he felt like he met Erikah for the first time tonight; adding she had flow of movement and connected with her partner in an honest dance. Calling Erikah a queen, Carrie Ann said that something profound happened tonight and Erikah had better lines. Len called Erikah a lovely dancer with beautiful flow and movement; adding that he loved the routine. Julianne noted that Erikah gave everything she had and made an outstanding connection tonight. Erikah and Gleb scored 32 points for their dance.

Heather and Alan perform a Jazz dance to the music from “Frozen”. While not quite ready to dance, Maks choreographed the dance this week. Calling the dance adorable, Carrie Ann felt the dance was a little underwhelming; adding that the dance had a lot of turns and lifts but not many dance moves. Len sid that Heather brought the fun. Julianne called the performance amazing; adding that they completely embodied the characters from the film. Bruno said that it was a vibrant alive character driven dance with wonderful turns. Heather and Alan scored 34 points for their dance. Maks announced that Alan is fired as of tonight and he is returning to take over.

Bonner and Sharna dance a Tango to the music from “Wreck it Ralph” in a performance that Tom called fun. Len noted that Len didn’t take the easy way in the dance and did a lot in hold; adding that Bonner did a great job. Saying that he pulled it off, Julianne said that Bonner came to life and nailed the Tango. Saying that Bonner didn’t wreck the Tango, Bruno noted that there are still a few bumps and cracks in his dancing. Carrie Ann said that Bonner’s hold was incredible and he had good technique but needs to work on his dynamics. Bonner and Sharna scored 30 points for their dance.

In the next results…
Simone and Sasha are safe as are David and Lindsay. Normani and Val are in jeopardy but Nancy and Artem are safe.

Normani and Val perform a Paso Doble to the music of “Mulan” as season nine DWTS champion Donny Osmond sang live. Tom called the performance great stuff. Julianne said that Normani just showed every little girl that they can do anything they want; adding the dance was brilliant and gorgeous conceptually. Bruno called Normani the all conquering Paso Princess; adding that the martial arts segment made the dance even more awesome. Carrie Ann called the dance epic; adding that it was amazing and perfection. Len noted that the dance had a lot of Paso references; adding that he enjoyed the attack and watching the dance. Donny called the performance amazing. Val said the dance was beautiful and perfect. Normani and Val scored 39 points for their dance.

After spending part of the week in Chicago to celebrate the Cubs World Series win and to get his ring, David and Lindsay performed a Jive to a live performance of the world television premiere of “Ride” from the new movie “Cars 3”. Tom noted that David looked like he was having fun. Bruno said that David looked like he needed an oil change, new tires, and an engine tuneup; but noted that David always brings it and get the show going. Carrie Ann noted that David did not miss a step. Noting that it was a tough dance, Len said that David had high energy and was full on but a bit flat on his feet. Julianne called it a great dance but agreed that David is a little flat footed. David and Lindsay scored 29 points for their dance.

With a little help from the DWTS Troupe, Nancy and Artem perform a Jazz dance to the music of “Enchanted”. Tom noted that it was a wonderful number form the movie. Carrie An called it a fantastic Jazz routine and effortless; adding that Nancy was the most Princess like and light and graceful on her feet. Len said that it was a joy to watch with a lovely combination of dancing. Julianne got so caught up in the performance but called it amazing and beautiful. Bruno said that Nancy held her own and was the center of attention-leading; leading the number. Nancy and Artem scored 36 points for their dance.

The final dance of the night was a Contemporary dance from Simone and Sasha to a live performance of music from “Moana”. Len called it a great routine; adding that Simone was a smasher with fantastic dancing. Julianne noted that Simone showcased her strengths – gymnastics and passion. Bruno called the performance triumphant and magic. Carrie Ann said that Simone executed, was powerful yet poetric, and it was a great way to end the night of Disney music. Simone and Sasha scored 38 points for their dance.

In the final results of the night, Normani and Val are safe leaving Erikah and Gleb and Nick and Peta in the bottom and in jeopardy of going home.

The couple eliminated this week are Erikah and Gleb. Nick and Peta are safe for another week.

Next week it Boy bands, Girl groups, and team dances.

Disney night scores:
David and Lindsay – 29
Bonner and Sharna – 30
Rashad and Emma – 32
Erikah and Gleb – 32
Nick and Peta – 34
Heather and Alan – 34
Simone and Sasha – 38
Normani and Val – 39

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