Live Performances Begin on ‘The Voice’

The live performances have finally arrived with the playoff round on “The Voice” and tonight Team Blake and Team Alicia will showcase their singers. And the comeback artist returns as each coach will bring back one singer they eliminated earlier.

Once again the votes will be done in real time, meaning the west coast viewers will not have any say in the results.

The Voice

Three of the six team members will be moved on to the top 12 finalists – two by fan vote and one pick by the coach.

First up was Casi Joy from Team Blake with the Chris Stapleton song “Parachute.” Host Carson Daly noted what a way to get the live shows started off. Adam called the performance awesome, adding that Casi was incredible to listen to but noted the bad clapping by the audience. Coach Blake said that Casi brings so much energy to the stage, adding that she put her own spin on a popular modern song. Blake said that it was hard for him to imagine that Casi would not move on.

Team Blake chose Felicia Temple as his comeback artist. Felicia sang “Defying Gravity” from the hit Broadway musical “Wicked.” Alicia said that she was happy to see Felicia’s evolution on the show. After saying that he couldn’t believe that she sang the song, Blake told Felicia that she was incredible and killed the song.

Team Blake’s Aliyah Rose took on The Pretenders with “Brass in Pocket.” Carson called the performance awesome and unbelievable. Gwen called Aliyah a phenomenon of cuteness, unique and adorable. Coach Blake agreed that Aliyah is special, adding that her performance was her best yet and exactly what she needed to do.

Team Blake’s TSoul performed “Knock on Wood.”. During rehearsals, TSoul said that his goal was to get Blake and Gwen dancing. TSoul began his performance in the audience. Adam said that TSoul had a great voice and did an amazing job. Coach Blake noted that the energy TSoul brought to the stage was so much fun, adding it was what a performance was supposed to be all about.

Team Blake’s Aliyah Moulden performed “Mercy” by Duffy. Blake called her such a firecracker on the stage, adding that it was a great song to perform with so much fun. Blake noted that it was her best performance yet on the show.

Lauren Duski finishes out the Team Blake performances with “Someone Else’s Star.” Adam said that the moment he knew Lauren could go far on the show was with her first breath, adding that she has an amazing voice and did an incredible job. Agreeing with Adam, Coach Blake said that she is going to see a tidal wave of support from the Country music fans.

Team Alicia’s Chris Blue performed Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” in the original key and left the crowd screaming. Saying that it was unbelievable what he does, Gwen called Chris mesmerizing, adding she loves to watch him perform. An impressed Coach Alicia noted that Chris made the song his own, adding that he is so gifted and has a beautiful soul.

Anatalia Villardana performed the Ben E. King song “Stand By Me” that included a modulation. Carson said that she did a nice job. Alicia said that Anatalia was a burst of energy and had so much personality and feeling in her performance, adding that there was no stopping what she could create.

Alicia chose third-generation musician Jack Cassidy as her comeback artist. When she told Jack that she was bringing him back, Jack kept saying no way. Jack performed the Sir Elton John song “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” Alicia said that she knew Jack would give it 100 percent, adding that he rose to his greatness on the stage.

Vanessa Ferguson sang “Lean On” and played the piano for part of the song. Adam noted that there had been a lot of amazing singers tonight but Vanessa is ready to do this now. He said that it was a performance worth getting up and hooting and hollering for. Alicia said that she loves how Vanessa breaks all the rules and has no limits.

When Ashley Levin walked into the rehearsal hall, Alicia was singing her song, “I Can’t Stand the Rain.” Noting that it was not an easy song to sing, Alicia loved Ashley’s song delivery of the song, adding that she loved Ashley’s voice and that she did an incredible job.

In the final performance of the night, Stephanie Rice made her own arrangement of The Police hit “Every Breath You Take” as she played the piano. A happy Gwen noted that she had regrets in letting Stephanie go, adding that Stephanie was so confident in her performance. Alicia said that every time Stephanie performs she is transported, adding that Stephanie was a pure beautiful artist on the stage tonight.

In the first set of results the fan vote saved Lauren Duski and Aliyah Moulden from Team Blake. Noting that all the artists on the stage were doing what they were meant to do and there was no good way to do it, Blake chose to save TSoul to fill out his team going into the live performances. Felicia, Aliyah Rose and Casi were all eliminated.

In the results for Team Alicia, the fans saved Chris Blue and Vanessa Ferguson. As the credits were rolling, Alicia chose to save Stephanie Rice. Anatalia, Ashley, and Jack were eliminated.


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