‘Cosplay Melee’ Goes Super with Heroes

This week on “Cosplay Melee” Tuwanda, Aaron, Dhare, and James will face challenges to create the perfect character to impress the judges in hopes of taking home the $10,000 prize.


The theme this week is Superheroes, but not just any superheroes – a superhero without any special super powers.

In round one the players have only eight hours to create the chest plate and logo/emblem for their superhero. The guys are all using foam to create their chest plates, but Tuwanda is making hers out of fabric.

After revealing their chest plates host and judge Yvette Nicole Brown named James as the winner of the challenge. James used part of his real life story to create his character’s backstory.

Saying that it was a very tough decision, Yvette said that while they loved the origin story, but chest plate felt a bit incomplete compared to the other players and named Tuwanda as the eliminated player.

Next to Yvette is a rack with comic books, inside the books are additional elements that the players have to add to their costumes…
Aaron got the utility belt
Dhare got the mask
James got the cape; but as the winner of round one he has the option of keeping his element or trading it with a fellow player. Wanting to challenge himself, James keeps the cape – he has never created a cape before.

In Cosplay terms, Aaron is a baby player because he has been Cosplaying for less than two years. He is still haivng a few issues with his time management.

After two days of frantic work and a visit to the work room from Leanna and Christian, the players suit up for their reveal and runway walk.

Aaron is Xero.
James is The Guardian.
Dhare is Wyldcat.

On the runway James admitted that it was the first original character he had ever created. Yvette called him talented and his costume amazing. Christian was concerned that James had never made a cape before but was very pleased with the result; however, Christian did not like the white undersuit. Leanna said that James looked like he had just stepped off the pages of a comic book; adding that she liked how he used parts of his personal life in the character’s story. The judges said that James owned the cape and thought that James is an amazing builder. The judges noted that it takes a lot of courage to share your life in a character.

Leanna noted that Aaron made a complete transformation from the workroom to the runway; adding that he took a lot direction and listened to what they had to say. Christian agreed that Aaron had pulled a lot of work together in a short period of time.

Leanna noted that Dhare did a great job especially considering the time constraints. Saying that he had done a great job, Christian said that Dhare had done some amazing work from head to toe.

After what they called some tough deliberations, Yvette named Dhare as the winner of the challenge…and the $10,000 prize.

Next week a new set of players will take on the world of anime.

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