DHS Chief Unapologetic for Immigration Policy

April 18, 2017 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, during a speaking engagement on Tuesday called the agency’s employees “political pawns” who are unjustifiably criticized on everything from immigration to airport security for doing their job.

Secretary Kelly defended President Trump’s tough policies on immigration and increased security measures Tuesday at George Washington University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security. Kelly’s prepared remarks titled “Home and Away: Threats To America And The DHS Response,” were followed by a moderated discussion with Director of the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security Frank J. Cilluffo.

Kelly said he would never apologize for making the United States more secure.

“We will never apologize for enforcing and upholding the laws of this country.”

Critics of the Trump administration’s extreme immigration policies argue that scientific evidence
contradicts President Trump’s argument that banning citizens from predominantly Muslim countries will make America safer.

Despite the findings of a multi-agency Homeland Security report in March that profiling and vetting are not effective counterterrorism strategies — President Trump has continued to pursue the controversial immigration ban.

DHS Secretary Kelly’s comments on cyber-threats echoed those of Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey’s in 2011 during a speech in London, Gen. Dempsey described the vulnerabilities in U.S. cyber-security and continued cyber-terrorism threat as constant. Dempsey told an audience at a forum on cyber security:

We’re under constant attack every day.”

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