Gargoyles Come Alive on ‘Face Off’

“Face Off: All Stars” has reached the semi finals of another season and this time the artists must create characters that will take flight.

Face Off

Meeting McKenzie on the rooftop of a downtown Los Angeles building, the artists are told that architects around the world have created some incredible works…and those who protect those buildings – gargoyles.

Next to McKenzie are some rolled up blueprints of iconic architecture styles. The artists must choose one and the create the gargoyle protector to match…
Tyler got Victorian
Emily got Art Deco
Cig got Russian Renaissance
George got Deconstructionism

As an additional twits this week, McKenzie tells the artists that they must include a set of wings in their characters. She tells them to integrate some the elements from their architectural styles.

The artists could not see what their style was before they unrolled it and George has no idea what his style is all about. During his season he was eliminated in the semi finals and he is very concerned and anxious about this week. After discovering that the style is chaotic and makes no sense, George returns to the lab and his brain starts pumping out ideas and things begin to fall in place. George describes his character as a weird twisty robot guy.

When Michael Westmore visits the lab for a mentoring session, he has some advice for Emily that has her worried about what to do and whether she will have enough time to finish her gargoyle.

Tyler is the first one in the mold room with his face piece.

By the end of day one Emily is the only artist who has yet to make it to the mold room.

On day two in the lab, the guys gather around Emily and offer her some advice on how to finish her face sculpt.

George was the last one out of the mold room. He has trouble with creating his wings, the first idea was too heavy and he is worried about getting everything done on time.

Emily gets help from Tyler in cleaning out her mold, the clay doesn’t want to come out. She is worried about how the piece will come out. When she comes in the lab on application day, the piece is a bit rough but decides to just run with it.

George has decided that the best thing to do is to have some fun and just go with it.

When the models arrive, there is a lot of work to do. Going into last looks, there is still a lot to finish in one hour. George is still worried about finishing his makeup.

After the reveal and closer looks by judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page; the judges spoke to each of the artists…

Glenn said that Tyler had a gorgeous makeup and Ve agreed calling the makeup beautiful. While Neville thought the sculpture work was beautiful, he didn’t feel the piece resonated Victorian. The judges felt that Tyler had a beautiful piece and the detailing was well done but thought that it fell short of the challenge parameters.

Ve called Emily’s gargoyle spot on and Neville said that the paint work was really cool. Glenn said that it felt like a traditional gargoyle. The judges called Emily’s gargoyle a cohesive character and looked it could have stepped of a building in New York City.

Neville had a love hate relationship with George’s gargoyle; saying that George nailed the form language of classic deconstructionists. Glenn said that George had gorgeous forms and he rose to the occasion. Ve said that the back of the head was so cool looking; adding that George did a fantastic job…except the horns.

Cig noted that it was a tough challenge with all of the shapes. Glenn called the nose piece on Cig’s character the single most important part of the character. Ve said that the piece was so busy that she didn’t know where to look; adding that the character looked better up close. Saying that he loved how well Cig synthesized the movement, Neville called the gargoyle perfect. The judges called Cig’s head piece stunning up close.

George named the winner of the challenge and the first person to be in the finals as Emily.

Joining Emily in the finals are Cig and a very excited George. Tyler was eliminated from the competition.

Next week the artists will enter into a kung fu battle.

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