Playoff Round Concludes on ‘The Voice’

It’s night two of the playoff round on “The Voice” and tonight team Gwen and Team Adam will perform for fan votes and a right to become one of the 12 finalists.

The Voice

Again this season Adam has died his hair blonde, when Blake is introduced he is wearing a blonde wig.

Like Monday night, the results are done live alienating the western half of the nation from voting.

Up first is Team Gwen and her comeback artist Johnny Gates with “Hands to Myself”. Alicia felt that Johnny had a kindred spirit with Gwen; adding that she loved the energy and Johnny gave it his all. Gwen said that she was excited that Johnny could come back; adding that Johnny was a great singer and performer. Gwen said that Johnny was a great front man and creative with his songs.

Host Carson Daly announces that the artist mentor for the top 12 will be Country music star Shania Twain.

Troy Ramey sang the Joni Mitchell song “A Case for You”. Carson said that Troy has such a great voice. Adam called Troy one of the most intriguing people on the show; adding that he was a huge fan. Gwen said that she saw Troy in a way that she had never seen before; adding it felt like she was at one of his shows.

Quizz Swanigan performed The Temptations song “My Girl”. Carson said that Quizz sounded like a season pro on the stage. Alicia said that she loved watching Quizz perform; adding that she appreciated the confidence Quizz had on the stage and how he took liberties to do his own style. Gwen called Quizz incredible and magical.

Brennley Brown performed the Maddie and Tae song “Fly” and had Carson saying that she did an excellent job. Blake noted that he had been doing the show a long time and noted that letting Brennley go was a big mistake; adding that Brennley and Gwen were a deadly combination. Agreeing with Blake, Gwen noted that Brennley was her only girl; adding that Brennley had so much style and personality.

JChosen sang the Prince composition “Nothing Compares to You” for the first time on “The Voice”. Saying wow, Gwen noted that the song was super challenging; adding that JChosen was so magical and gifted.

The final performance from team Gwen was from Hunter Plake who is the first person ever on “The Voice” to have two of his songs in the top 30 on iTunes before the live performances. Hunter performed the Sia song “Elastic Heart”. Adam called the performance so good; adding that he didn’t know if they every had anyone like Hunter on the show. Adam said that Hunter is a great singer and reflects what is happening in music right now. Gwen was blown away by everything she had just seen from Hunter; adding that it was unbelievable.

First up for team Adam was his comeback artist Johnny Hayes with “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”. Saying that Johnny has been through more ups and downs than anyone on the show, Adam noted that Johnny came out and performed like nothing has happened.

Hannah Eyre performed “Skyscraper”. Adam called her the sweetest human being that ever lived; adding that her voice was so powerful.

Rocker Josh West performed the Boston hit “More than a Feeling” and wowed Adam. Adam said that it was probably one of the hardest and scariest songs for a man to sing; adding the Josh is good for the show.

Mark Isaiah sang “All Time Low”. Gwen admitted to being a big fan; adding that the song felt like it was his own song and Mark did a really great job of being himself. Calling the performance really great, Adam asked voters to give him more time with Mark.

Lilli Passero performed the Carole King hit “It’s Too Late”. Saying that she loved the song, Alicia noted how Lilli never breaks her gaze and is authentic. Adam called Lilli a world class singer.

In the final performance of the night, Jesse Larson brought the house down with the Stevie Wonder hit “Sir Duke”. Jesse said that he considers himself a guitar player who sings. Adam called it by far the best vocal performance of the night; calling Jesse the most soulful, a wizard from another planet, and a white Cee Lo Green.

In the first results of the night…
Team Gwen…fans chose to save Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake. Calling it nearly impossible, Gwen chose to save Troy Ramey.

In the next results fans chose to save Jesse Larson and Lilli Passero form team Adam. In the last seconds of the show Adam chose to save the man he hoped the fans would vote for…Mark Isaiah.

The final 12 take the stage next week in live performances for fan votes.

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