Stevie Wonder Presented with New Award

Multi award winning musical genius and legend Stevie Wonder has been presented with a new award – one that doesn’t directly bear his name but makes reference to one of his biggest selling albums “Songs in the Key of Life”. The inaugural Key of Life Award by ASCAP – the Association of Songwriters, Composers, and Publishers – was presented during their “I Create Music” Expo in Los Angeles on April 15.


ASCAP President Paul Williams said, “the Key of Life award is presented to Stevie Wonder, who inspires and elevates the world through his songs, his spirit and his boundless heart. Stevie has deservedly been given every award imaginable, yet he continues to innovate and elevate the art of songwriting to the point where no honor can truly capture what he means to songwriters and music lovers worldwide as well as his compatriots at ASCAP, where Wonder has been a member for more than five decades.

In the future, the ‘key of life’ honor will be presented to songwriters and composers who best exemplify Wonder’s legacy “through their commitment to the art form he elevated through his talent, dedication, and unparalleled heart.”

In his acceptance speech Wonder said, “I cannot thank any of you enough, so I’ll just spend the rest of my life doing that — whether you like it or not.”

After the award presentation Wonder sat down at the piano and spent time talking about the music, growing up in the studio, a few political observations, and a little jam session.

The 25 time Grammy Award winner has been making music since he burst on to the scene as an eleven year old prodigy who impressed the world with his harmonica playing.

photo courtesy of By Antonio Cruz/ABr – Agência Brasil., CC BY 3.0 br,

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