Wednesday April 19, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

Wednesday April 19, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. Breaking News- In a statement released by the Department of Corrections in Massachusetts they confirmed that former New England Patriots football start, Aaron Hernandez killed himself in prison early Wednesday. According to the statement, “Mr. Hernandez hanged himself utilizing a bedsheet that he attached to his cell window. Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.” Hernandez was serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder in 2013. Hernandez was convicted of killing of Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player who was dating the sister of his fiancée.

2. Tuesday, in a special election for a Congressional seat representing Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, that had been a Republican stronghold, the Democrat, Jon Ossoff, won the primary runoff election by double digits over his closest Republican rival. Ossoff won with 48.3 percent, Ossoff, which was less than the needed 50 percent to outright win the seat Tuesday and now the race is headed to a runoff against Republican Karen Handel, who came in second with less than 20 percent of the vote. This election garnered the nationals spotlight as a referendum on President Trump’s agenda since being elected in November. Money flowed into the race for both the GOP’s candidates and for Democrat Ossoff with their national parties working hard for the candidates. President Trump recorded a robo-call against Ossoff and tweeted that the Democrat “Democrat Jon Ossoff would be a disaster in Congress. VERY weak on crime and illegal immigration, bad for jobs and wants higher taxes. Say NO.” Although, the President tweeted Wednesday that there was a win for the GOP because the race now continues in June with another election between Ossoff and Handel, political analysts stating that win for Ossoff proves the President is vulnerable as is the Republican party.

3. In a bizarre twist on how the United States is reacting to North Korea’s buildup of arms, missiles and nuclear bombs, President Trump announced April 12th, that “we are sending an armada, very powerful” to the Korean peninsula to deter North Korea’s military options but Tuesday it was announced that armada never traveled to the Western Pacific. Not only had the President stated that the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson was traveling to North Korea but Defense Secretary Jim Mattis also told the media and public the ships were headed to stop any military actions that North Korea may undertake. The question now is, did the Trump Administration deliberately give false information on the location of the Carl Vinson as a form of psychological warfare or was the Trump administration unaware that the armada was never going to North Korea as the US was scheduled to be involved in “scheduled exercises with Australian forces in the Indian Ocean?” It was announced Tuesday that the Carl Vinson is now turning around and heading for North Korea.

4. According to CNN, the FBI used a dossier of allegations that there were Russian ties to Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. The dossier was used to justify their need for approval to secretly monitor a Trump associate, according to US officials briefed on the investigation. The dossier information was used to have a FISA warrant issued to investigate Carter Page, a member of the Trump campaign as a foreign affairs expert. There have been allegations made that Page went to Russia in July of 2016 with the permission of the Trump campaign, to gather support for Trump to win the election. Per numerous news outlets, Page went to Russia with pre-recorded tape of Donald Trump offering to change American policy if “he were to be elected, to make it more favorable to Putin.”

5. The Trump administration, in trying to change the tax schedule in the United States, is eyeing up changes to the charity deductions that Americans use. At issue, is the amount of charity one may deduct from their taxes. Trump is looking to cap the charity deductions that are used not only by wealthier Americans but by the middle class. If passed, limiting tax deductions for major charitable gifts would be a way to raise revenue by targeting wealthier taxpayers. It would also prove that Trump is not cutting taxes on the rich. Under current law, earners in the top tax bracket of 39.6 percent can get a tax deduction of $39.60 for every $100 given to charity. Under the proposed cut back, deductions would be capped at deductions at 28 percent. Needless to say, if the proposal is brought to the House and Senate, lobbying would be in a frenzy.

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