Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 New Tonight, April 20, 2017?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will not air a new episode on April 20, 2017. ABC shared that it would take a week break. Here is a look at all the information you need to know about the next episode.

After the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ABC shared the trailer for the upcoming episode. It made it clear that the next episode would air on April 27, 2017. That meant that there would be a week break between the episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 21 will air at the usual time on the network. The trailer makes it clear that Maggie will finally learn the truth about Meredith and Riggs, and she clearly isn’t happy about this. Fans have taken to social media groups to complain about Maggie’s lack of character development. Some say that she is acting like a selfish toddler, constantly wanting her own way.

The episode will also return to the overall story arc with Catherine Avery and Eliza Minnick. April and Bailey will attempt to help mend Webber and Catherine’s relationship. However, that may be easier said than done, as Webber now blames his wife for everything that is happening within the hospital. Minnick will also continue her relationship with Arizona, who may be having second thoughts about moving forward with a relationship that runs the risk of dividing the hospital staff.

Instead of a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ABC will air two episodes of Scandal. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Episode 21 will air at 8pm on Thursday, April 27 on ABC. It will follow each week with new episodes until the season finale planned for May 18, 2017.

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