Getting Musical on RuPaul’s Drag Race

Last week the queens of season nine “RuPaul’s Drag Race” put on a morning show; this week they will be challenged on the theatrical stage.

But first the queens must join the pit crew for a little mini challenge. The queens must take a sexy selfie with RuPaul’s Pit Crew members. The winner of the mini challenge was Alexis Michelle.

RuPaul tells the queens that they will be starring the Broadway’s newest sensation – “Kardashian: The Musical”. For winning the mini challenge Alexis gets to choose which role she would like to play and then assign the remaining roles in the musical.

Some of the queens are upset with their roles.

Eureka hurt her knee during the cheerleading challenge a few weeks ago and is now on crutches.

Todrick Hall and Chester work with the queens on their choreography.

The workroom topic this week while getting ready for the runway was eating disorders. Last week Eureka made a joke for which she apologized and the queens discussed their various issues with eating.

Joining judges Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley at the judges table are Todrick Hall and Meghan Trainor.

Eureka – North West
Blac Chyna – Shea Coulee
Kylie Jenner – Farrah Moan
Kendall Jenner – Valentina
Kourtney Kardashian – Aja
Khloe Kardashian – Nina Bo’nina Brown
Kim Kardashian – Cynthia Le Fontaine
Britney Spears – Peppermint
Lindsay Lohan – SashaVelour
Paris Hilton – Trinity Taylor
Kris Jenner – Alexis Michelle

After faux fur runway walk, RuPaul announced that Peppermint, Alexis, Farrah, Cynthia, Nina, and Shea were the best and the worst for this week. The rest of the queens are safe for this week.

In speaking with each of the queens…
The judges said htat Peppermint channeled Britney Spears in her performance and had the body language of Britney.

Alexis embodied the role of Kris Jenner but her runway look was too basic and boring. Todrick said that he would nominate her for a Tony Award.

Cynthia’s fur swallowed her a bit and she didn’t know the words in the lip sync.

Nina knew the words to the lip sync but the judges didn’t see Khloe Kardashian in her performance. Todrick also noted that she was very difficult to work with.

Farrah has flawless makeup but she was heavy handed with her eyeliner. In her performance the judges said that she didn’t have any personality and was underwhelming; nor could she maintain the choreography.

The judges loved Shea’s runway look. Todrick said that she was a dream to work with and stole the show as Blac Chyna.

After deliberations RuPaul revealed that Peppermint, Alexis, and Nina were safe with Shea Coulee as Blac Chyna was the winner. Farrah Moan and Cynthia Lee Fontaine were in the bottom and had to lip sync for their life to the Meghan Trainor song “Woman Up”.

After the lip sync performance RuPaul said that she needed a moment and left the judge’s table. When she returned she asked Eureka to step forward. RuPaul said that she had been in touch with Eureka’s doctor and she needs time to heal. RuPaul said that she could not in good conscious allow Eureka to remain on the show; as a result, RuPaul issued an open invitation for Eureka to return next season but for now Eureka had to sashay away. Farrah and Cynthia are safe.

Next week…Snatch Game returns!

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