New Details Emerge in Markeith Loyd Double Murder Case

Up to now, details about accused double-murderer Markeith Loyd’s alleged shooting of his former girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and her brother, Ronald Stewart, have been scanty. The release of the arrest warrant of Dec.13, 2016, the night the shootings occurred, provides more information, as do two text messages allegedly sent to Dixon by Loyd after the shooting occurred.

Orlando Police Arrest Warrant Issued for Markeith Loyd in Shooting Deaths of Sade Dixon and Her Unborn Child and Shooting of Her Brother, Ronald Stewart

According to information provided on the arrest warrant issued by the Orlando, Florida police following the shootings that took place on Dec. 13, 2016, Sade Dixon, 24, mother of two children ages eight and two and two months pregnant with Markeith Loyd’s child, had moved back in with her parents and family just three days prior to the incident.

Dixon’s mother, Stephanie Dixon-Daniels, said her daughter had not said specifically why she needed to move back in with her parents but had revealed there had been a physical altercation between her and Loyd in which she incurred a bite on her back that required a tetanus shot.

According to the details provided by police on the warrant, Dixon and her family had been eating dinner shortly before 9 p.m. EST when Dixon received a call on her cellphone, after which she stepped outside the front door. Dixon’s brothers, Dominique Daniels and Ronald Stewart, said they heard arguing outside the front door after which Stewart went out to check on his sister.

Daniels and Dixon-Daniels said that they then heard gunshots outside. Upon opening the front door, the two saw Dixon and Stewart lying on the ground with apparent gunshot wounds. Loyd fled the scene, shooting toward Daniels and Dixon-Daniels as he ran to his car.

Sade Dixon and her unborn child were declared dead at 9:16 p.m. EST, 13 minutes after the call was made for emergency assistance. Ronald Stewart, who sustained gunshots to his chest and both thighs, was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center. Stewart was admitted there in critical condition and continues now in physical therapy.

Markeith Loyd Allegedly Sent Text Messages to Sade Dixon After the Shooting

In court records made available Monday, April 24, 2017, as part of hundreds of pages of evidence filed by Brad King, the special prosecutor assigned by Gov. Rick Scott, to try the case in the Orange-Osceola Court District, alleged text messages sent by Markeith Loyd to Sade Dixon after the shooting on Dec. 13, 2016 were revealed along with partial contents of a 10-page letter written by Loyd and found in the house where he had been hiding when apprehended by Orlando police.

According to the evidence filed, Loyd first texted Dixon about 20 minutes after the shooting occurred and then several hours later. The first message said, “Don’t know if you go make it hope you don’t.” The later message blamed Dixon, saying, “you caused this” and adding blame for her brother, Ronald Stewart, for intervening.

The 10-page letter, signed by Loyd, provided a detailed account of why he shot Dixon, blaming her for smoking while pregnant with their child. Loyd explained that the death of their unborn child was an “unintended consequence” of his actions against Dixon herself.

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