It’s Time for Snatch Game on Drag Race

Last week the queens on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” starred in “Kardashian: The Musical” Eureka was safe but due to her knee injury she had to leave the show. RuPaul told her that she needed to heal but has an open invitation for next season.


After returning to the workroom, the queens questioned Nina on whether she really wanted to be there because they feel that she doesn’t.

This week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” it’s everybody’s favourite episode – Snatch Game! The queens are challenged to imitate a celebrity and make RuPaul laugh out loud.

RuPaul visits the workroom to talk with the queens about their “Snatch Game” choices.

Participating in “Snatch Game” this season are:
Jasmine Masters
Marlene Dietrich
Liza Minelli
Sofia Vergara
Amanda Leporte
Alysa Edwards
Gigi Gorgeous
Nene Leakes
Miss Colombia
Naomi Campbell

The contestants for “Snatch Game” are Denis O’Hare and Candis Cayne.

None of the queens matched the answers of the contestants. RuPaul said that the winner was the celebrities that were not impersonated in the show.

The topic of conversation in the workroom while the queens were getting ready for the runway was gender and trans. Peppermint announced to the room that she was a trans woman; saying that in doing drag it showed her who she was. She was very happy that the other queens accepted her.

The runway theme for this week is a 1,000 nights of Madonna…part deux.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Denis O’Hare, and Candis Cayne.

Trinity Taylor, Aja, Valentina, and Shea Collet are all safe this week.

In their remarks the judges said…
Alexis was such a good Liza and in character. She was also a gorgeous Madonna.

Peppermint has worn pink on the runway three weeks in a row and the judges want another colour and her Nene Leakes didn’t not come off as funny. Her Madonna look was more Marilyn than Madonna.

Nailed her Marlene Dietrich and her Madonna look tied in with Marlene.

Farrah was gorgeous as Gigi but was not funny.

The judges loved Nina as Jasmine Masters and Denis noted that she played by her own rules; but her runway look was not so good.

Michelle Visage noted that there was something going on with Cynthia’s makeup. The judges loved the idea of Sofia Vergara but she was not funny…even the accent didn’t work.

After deliberations, RuPaul announced that Sasha, Nina, and Farrah were all safe. She named Alexis as the winner but Peppermint and Cynthia were in the bottom and have to lip sync for their lives to “Music” by Madonna.

After making the judges roar with laughter for her performance, RuPaul told Peppermint to chantey you stay but for Cynthia Lee Fontaine it was time to sashay away.

Next week the queens travel to 90210.

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