Movie Genre Night on DWTS

It’s movie genre night on “Dancing with the Stars” and the seven remaining couples will be performing dances to a variety of movie genres. This week the couples will be performing for immunity from the dance off…and elimination.


And in a big surprise this week, there is a double elimination with two couples going home.

The show opened with the Pro dancers, Troupe members, and the Stars in a big group number choreographed by Mandy Moore. And for the first time Mandy serves as the guest judge this week with Julianne out for another week.

The first couple on the dance floor was Bonner and Sharna with a Western themed Paso Doble set in a saloon complete with poker game. Host Tom Bergeron noted that there was a lot of wreckage for one dance. After congratulating all the remaining couples for making it to week seven, head judge Len Goodman noted that Bonner got so wrapped up in the cowboy that he forgot about the matador; adding that Bonner did come out with guns blazing and gave it his all. Tom noted that of anyone Mandy Moore knows the dancers best of all since she has worked with them all season. Calling it an incredible way to start, Mandy noted that the dance had everything to do with Bonner; adding that Bonner held his own and continues to grow each week. Bruno noted that Bonner has been working hard. Saying that there was a lot going on, Carrie Ann noted that Bonner got lost a few time; but she likes the way he moves and captures the Ballroom spirit. Bonner and Sharna scored 29 points for their dance.

Nancy and Artem danced a Romanitc Tango to “Pretty Woman”. Saying that Nancy was stunning, Mandy noted Nancy’s beautiful footwork and how well they told a story with their dance. Saying that it was a grand entrance from a grand lady, Bruno said that the dance had grace, elegance, fantastic shapes, and was sophisticated. Noting that Nancy was so much more relaxed, Carrie Ann said that Nancy has blossomed the most over the season; but cautioned her to watch her arms. Len loved the quality of the steps and the quantity of the movement; adding that it was a pretty good Tango. Nancy and Artem scored 36 points for their Tango.

Simone and Sasha took on the Silent Film era with a fun filled Charleston that had host Tom Bergeron saying wow.Bruno said that Simone had the fizzle and sparkle of a flapper; adding that the dance had fun and energy with plenty of tricks and was very entertaining. Noting that it was a very challenging routine, Carrie Ann said that they made it look easy. Len said that they put the move in movies; adding that the dance had great characterization and was a joy to watch. Agreeing with her fellow jidges, Mandy called the dance incredible but felt Simone was on autopilot at times. Simone and Sasha scored 37 points for their dance.

Taking a break from the competition, Evil entered the Ballroom when Disney cast members danced around a bubbling cauldron.

Nick and Peta took on the action movie genre with a spying Argentine Tango. During the week of rehearsals, Peta brought in Maks to give Nick a hand on his dance moves. Calling the routine very hot, Carrie Ann noted that at times she saw moments of brilliance but noted that Nick missed a few steps. Noting that the dance had plenty of attack and aggression, Len liked the way Nick has improved over the season. Mandy loved the storytelling in the dance; adding that she was finally watching a dancer. Bruno said that Nick that earned the license to thrill and went from “Mission Impossible” to mission accomplished; adding that it was believable. Nick and Peta scored 34 points for their dance.

Rashad and Emma brought the horror to their Paso Doble. Calling the performance epic, Len said that the dance was full of passion; adding that it was another solid performance. Mandy noted that Rashad had finally figured out how to let the dance be in his body. Calling it a “Monster Mash”, Bruno said the dance was rich, lush, and full of passion; adding that Rashad was a great performer. Calling it a fantastic story, Carrie Ann said that Rashad was so in character that he broke his lines a bit and cautioned Rashad to watch his posture. Rashad and Emma scored 37 points for their dance.

David and Lindsay danced a Sci-Fi themed Salsa. Saying that they did an amazing job, Mandy noted that at time David was a little flat on his feet. While Bruno thought that David is cool with Hip-Hop, he said that David was like R2D2 with the hip action. Agreeing that it wasn’t the smoothest dance, Carrie Ann noted that the performance was filled with content and a lot of fun. Saying that the dance had lots of Salsa content, Len noted that David comes out and entertains; adding that he loved watching David dance. David and Lindsay scored 32 points for their dance.

Normani and Val finished out round one with a Foreign Film inspired Argentine Tango. During the week Normani had to visit the doctor with a back injury. Calling it the best dance of the night, Bruno said the performance was outstanding classic dance. Carrie Ann said that they danced like they should get the rest of the night off. After saying the dance had a hint of staccato and softness, Len asked Val what he thought the score should be. Val did not give a number but noted they wanted to enterain the fans. Agreeing with her fellow judges, Mandy was impressed with Normani’s leg action. Normani and Val earned a perfect score of 40 points for their dance and indeed did get the rest of the night off with immunity.

Movie genre scores:
Bonner and Sharna – 29
David and Lindsay – 32
Nick and Peta – 34
Nancy and Artem – 36
Simone and Sasha – 37
Rashad and Emma – 37
Normani and Val – 40

Normani and Val earn the immunity this week and earned an extra three points for their score.

For the dance off the couples are paired up and will dance the same style to the same song side by side. The judges determine the winner who gets two points added to their score. The couple with the higher score chooses the couple they wish to dance against and the challenged couple picks the style of dance – Cha Cha, Jive, and Rumba. The fans in the eastern and central time zones may also cast a vote but those votes do not count.

Simone and Sasha chose to dance against Nancy and Artem. Nancy and Artem chose the Cha Cha.
Rashad and Emma chose to dance against David and Lindsay. David and Lindsay chose the Jive
Bonner and Sharna and Nick and Peta will face off with the Rumba.

Nancy and Artem and Simone and Sasha were up first. Len noted how he didn’t want the tow couple to dance together; but noted both performed well. Mandy agreed that both were very good. Bruno noted that it was very hard to judge; adding that each couple had a different style. Noting that they had different approaches, Carrie Ann noted that it was a really tough decision. In a unanaimous decision Simone and Sasha won the challenge…and the extra points.

Rasha and Emma and David and Lindsay were up next. Mandy noted that that was a dance off; adding that both brought a lot to the performance. Calling it a “Clash of the Titans”, Bruno noted that both couple gave him plenty of joy and went for it. Carrie Ann noted that both couple put their signature moves to the dance with a full on routine. Len noted that they both came out and danced. Also in a unanimous decision, Rashad and Emma won the challenge.

Bonner and Sharna and Nick and Peta danced a Rumba that had Bruno saying that both couples have peaked at the right time and gave everything they had. Carrie Ann noted that both couple were fully connected. Len said that both couples came out and danced terrific with plenty of hip action and musicality. Mandy said that she was definitely feeling some heartstrings being tugged. Bonner and Sharna won the dance off.

Dance off scores:
Simone and Sasha – 2
Rashad and Emma – 2
Bonner and Sharna – 2
Normani and Val – 3

Total scores:
Bonner and Sharna – 29 + 2 = 31
David and Lindsay – 32
Nick and Peta – 34
Nancy and Artem – 36
Simone and Sasha – 37 + 2 = 39
Rashad and Emma – 37 + 2 = 39
Normani and Val – 40 + 3 = 43

In the results Normani and Val got the immunity. Simone and Sasha, Rashad and Emma, and Bonner and Sharna were all safe leaving Nancy and Artem, David and Lindsay,and Nick and Peta in jeopardy of being eliminated.

In the final results Tom Bergeron named David and Lindsay as the final safe couple; meaning that Nancy and Artem and Nick and Peta were eliminated from the competition.

Next week its the quarterfinals and performing for a chance in the semi finals.

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