Top 11 Perform on ‘The Voice’

This week on “The Voice” the eleven remaining finalists perform live for fan votes.

The Voice

Team Alicia’s Stephanie Rice gets the show started off with a performance of “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who. Saying wow, Gwen said that it is incredible to watch Stephanie grow; adding the performance felt like her own original song. Adam noted that it was nice to see that side of Stephanie and having fun. Calling it a killer performance, Alicia noted that Stephanie is blossoming.

Team Blake’s Aliyah Mouldon put her own spin on the Reba song “Take it Back”. Host Carson Daly noted that Aliyah did a great job. Alicia loved the performance. Gwen noted that Aliyah was so confident and comfortable on the stage. A blown away coach Blake said that he can hear Aliyah getting better week by week.

Also from team Blake, TSoul took on British singer Sam Smith with “Lay Me Down” and received rousing cheers and applause from the house. After beginning his performance at the piano, TSoul moved about the stage even laying down on it at one point. Alicia said that the gymnastics while singing was mind bending; adding that she loved seeing him at the piano. After calling TSoul a beast, Blake noted that TSoul gets lost in the moment; adding that the performance was incredible.

Having recovered from her illness of last week, team Adam’s Lilli Passero performed the Gene Pitney song “Town Without Pity”. Carson noted that the performance sounded fantastic; adding it felt like a James Bond opening sequence. Alicia said that she was feeling the performance; adding that the song was relevant. Adam noted that it took a while to crack the code but Lilli made it her song.

Team Gwen’s Hunter Plake sang “All I Want”. Calling the performance great, Adam said that Hunter has a voice that is so cool, very subtle and simple; adding that there is no mistaking Hunter’s voice. Calling Hunter the real deal, Gwen said that Hunter is full of music.

Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson performed the Rihanna hit “Diamonds”. Sayin that he loved her vibe, Adam was excited to see Vanessa sing; adding that she stands alone in a lot of ways. Saying that he wants her on his team, Blake said that Vanessa is the one person that he is most intimidated by; adding that she is an incredible singer. Alicia noted that Vanessa’s singing is so effortless – like she is in her bathroom; adding that Vanessa owned the song and is so refreshing.

Team Blake’s Lauren Duski performed “Somewhere in My Broken Heart”. Saying that she is going to be in the finale, Adam said that Lauren has what it takes and did an amazing job. Coach Blake said that he is running out of great things to say about Lauren; adding that her voice sounds classic but isn’t like anybody else.

Team Adam’s Mark Isaiah performed the Lil Wayne song “How to Love”. The song has a lot of words in it. Carson said that Mark made it look easy. Gwen loves Mark’s song choices; adding that she believes that is the kind of songs he should record. Gwen said that she couldn’t believe Mark remembered all of the words. Noting that it was a tough song with a lot of words, Adam noted that Mark chooses his own songs and constantly surprises him.

Team Adam’s Jesse Larson performed British artists Rag’n’Bone Man’s song “Human”. Alicia loved the arrangement; saying it made her remember how special the song is and Jesse took it to another place. Adam said that Jesse came out and sang his face off; adding that Jesse is an incredible talent that is only getting started.

Team Gwen’s Brennley Brown put a Country spin on the Joni Mitchell song “River”. Noting that she is the youngest contestant in the competition, Carson said that Brennley did a great job and has a pretty voice. Adam noted that he is so happy that Brennley is with Gwen; adding that is was cool to hear her sing a Joni Mitchell song. Saying that she didn’t know how to get her thoughts together, Gwen said that she almost got her phone out and recorded it.

Finishing out the night of music, team Alicia’s Chris Blue performed the classic “When a Man Loves a Woman” and brought the house down. In his video package Chris noted that he had never sung the song before. Alicia said that they were blessed to hear his voice; adding that it felt like hearing Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole, Sam Cooke…all the greats.

After the show has aired on both coasts seven artists have their songs in the top 40 of the overall iTunes singles chart with one song in the top 10. Eight artists have their songs in the top 10 of the genre iTunes singles charts with three of them occupying the top spot. Any artist who has a song in the top 10 at the end of voting on Tuesday will have their votes multiplied by five.

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