‘Chicago Fire’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 20 ‘Carry Me’

Did you have your tissues ready for Chicago Fire this week? If you missed the episode and are catching up through this Chicago Fire recap, get them ready now! This is your only warning.

As always, there are spoilers in this recap. If you want to catch up on last week’s episode first, you can read the Chicago Fire Season 5, Episode 19 recap right here.

Part of me had seriously hoped that there would be a happy ending for Severanna. I certainly shipped them, at least after the initial couple of episodes. I just want Severide to be happy. He’s been through enough already.

It just clearly wasn’t meant to be. And I got that feeling from the very first scene of the night.

Initially it looks like Anna could pull through, but this is Chicago Fire and we’ve been warned about tears and heartbreak until the very end. This is just a little reprieve to get our hopes up. Severide wants to stay with Anna, but she needs him to go to work.

Meanwhile, Casey is trying to help Kannell. He doesn’t want his friend to take the fall for what happened last week. The world needs a fire fighter like Kannell. Boden agrees to stall the hearing panel, allowing Casey time to convince Kannell to change his story and tell the truth. It doesn’t all work out to plan. Instead, Casey and Boden tell the fire chief the truth and suggest that there has to be a way to help Doyle’s wife and child believe that the man died a hero.

Otis and Cruz need a new roommate, which leads to Brett asking if she can move in with them. Before the conversation can get too awkward—Brett sort of dated both of them!—the alarms sound and they’re all called to the first case of the night.

A small kitchen fire leads to Severide meeting an widow, who really doesn’t want to leave the house. It’s her whole life and Severide promises that they will do everything they can to save it. This is important for later, so keep this in mind.

While getting some downtime, Severide looks through homeopathic options for the chemo side effects Anna is getting. Stella is the one there for him when he needs a shoulder to lean on. Since Severanna is doomed, these two need to get back together. Stella really is the best thing that ever happened to Severide.

As for Brett, Cruz isn’t too hot on the idea of her living with them. It’s not the ex part that bothers him but the idea of having a female around. Rather than be put off, she asks the guys to write down all the questions they would ask any potential roommate. She’ll answer them and they can decide from there. Before this can go further, Brett and Dawson are called out to a case. However, later she does win them over by producing three parking permits for the house, so they all can have their cars nearby.

The two women find a young couple who decided to break into a rock climbing center. There are rope burns on the man’s hand and the woman is lying at the bottom with spinal fluid pouring from her ears. She can’t squeeze hands, so the paramedics believe there’s a separation around the C1 vertebrae. They need to get her to the ambulance carefully.

Severide does get some good news for the night. Hope Norwich, the daughter of the widow, comes to the firehouse to share that her mother suffered minor smoke inhalation. However, the mother is back in the “deemed unsafe” house, and her daughter wants her out.

Believing that it’s just a house, Severide takes a trip to the hospital. While sharing the case with Anna, she explains that it’s more than a house. It’s losing things she doesn’t want to let go of. Severide needs to understand what it is about the house that keeps the woman there. Severide leaves, but returns to find a DNR sign on Anna’s door. She’s given up the fight and doesn’t want extreme measures. As I said at the start of this Chicago Fire recap, the show was leading us into a false sense of happiness.

But Severide does pay a visit to Mrs. Norwich, who shares that she has been in the house for 37 years. Before she shares more, she wants to know Severide’s story. He opens up about Anna’s cancer and how Anna has now signed a DNR. That leads to Mrs. Norwich sharing more about the house. It was built by her husband Hal, who died suddenly the previous year. There are small memories of living in the house all around the house, including markings on the wall of Hope growing up. It’s important to cling to those memories.

Casey believing that Kannell will be happy with the workaround that they’ve found is upset that Kannell is still done with the CFD. Kannell watched three men die. Is this the first time he’s witnessed this? Casey went through his best friend dying in front of his eyes in the pilot episode of Chicago Fire. Casey does get it!

That’s just what Casey decides to tell Kannell. Although, Kannell still isn’t interested in listening.

Meanwhile, at the house, Otis and Cruz return to an organized and clean home. Cruz is disappointed that his door chair stuff has been moved, even if it is all organized and labelled in tubs in the closet. Cruz’s bad mood continues at the bar, where he physically throws out a patron and ends up getting fired. Brett offers to pay rent early to help out with money, but Cruz shares that turning his life upside down started with her moving in. It’s not a good start for the roommates.

In the final callout of the episode, all are called to a car incident. A fallen tree branch has crushed the front end of the car, and Severide needs to get the guy out from the front before he’s completely crushed. They get to him just in time, just as Boden gets a call that Severide is needed with Anna.

It’s not good when Severide gets to Chicago Med. Anna’s body is weak from the chemo and an infection has spread and turned septic. There isn’t anything they can do and now is the time to say goodbye to the woman he loves. All Anna wants to know is about the woman from the house and then thanks him for the amazing months that they had together.

While talking about carrying a house on her shoulders, Anna starts to fade. The doctors aren’t allowed to do anything with the DNR in place, and her father gets there just as she dies in Severide’s arms. When it returns home, the firehouse is there filling his fridge with beer and Gabi tells him to call her if he needs anything. Only Stella remains, sitting with Severide in silence. It’s a beautiful moment between the two of them.

Before Stella leaves, she hands all the items that were on Anna’s bulletin board. After leaving, Severide jumps on his motorcycle and leaves.

As for Cruz and Brett, Cruz returns home to find all his stuff back on the door chair. Brett is also packing things up and is moving out. After apologizing, Cruz and Otis make it clear that they don’t want Brett to leave.

Back at the firehouse, Kannell turns up and shares that he wants to be a fire fighter but not at 53. It looks like Firehouse 51 is getting a new member.

And don’t worry, because Severide isn’t leaving town. He just made his way to Mrs. Norwich’s house with his tools. He decided to take the panel with Hope’s height markings off the wall, so Ellie can take a piece of the unsafe house with her. He then helps her pack up her belongings to move on from the house. This is exactly what Severide needs to move on from Anna, otherwise he just wouldn’t get through this death.

There are more tears to come from Chicago Fire Season 5, according to the show runners. Make sure you have your tissues ready for next Tuesday when it returns with an all-new episode at 10pm on NBC.

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