Queens Act it Up on Drag Race

After the “Snatch Game” last week, Cynthia Lee Fontaine was eliminated from the competition on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. This week the queens take on a new challenge.


Telling the queens that in order to make it a the next drag superstar, a queen must respect the craft of acting. With that she issues the challenge by beginning with telling them that they are going to rewind back to the year 1993.

In a spin-off of the nineties drama “Beverly Hills: 90210” the queens will be starring in a classic high school drama “9021-HO”. The production will be directed by the original drama’s stars Jenny Garth and Tori Spelling.

After she survived the lip sync for your life last week, Peppermint has the job of assigning the roles in the show. Before she assigns any of the roles, Peppermint asks the queens which roles they would like. Even with that Aja objects to her role; Peppermint swaps her role with Shea Coulee.

During filming Nina, Farrah, and Aja all have issues with their roles and lines.

The runway theme this week is Big Hair Everywhere.

While getting ready for their runway walk Aja apologizes for her attitude meltdown the day before; calling it dumb.

The group topic this week begins with high school and proms and moves to cancer and family members who were diagnosed and/or died. They also talked of family members accepting them and their drag. Sasha revealed that she is a bald queen because of her mom’s cancer and as a sign of support.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley; along with guest judges Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.

After the runway walk, RuPaul aired the television show. She told the queens that they did an amazing job.

In her first decision, RuPaul named Farrah Moan, Peppermint, and Alexis Michelle safe this week.

With the remaining queens the top and bottom looks of the week, RuPaul and the judges make their remarks…

The judges loved Valentina’s runway look and thought she stayed in character with her role; adding that Valentina did the role justice and nailed the part.

Noting that Sasha’s looks always have a point of view, the judges wanted Sasha to take her lunch lady role a bit further; adding that her performance was a little underwhelming.

Trinity’s runway look was gorgeous and she was the ultimate scene stealer as the mom in the television show.

The judges loved Nina’s runway look but felt that she didn’t sell her lines and was a bit lost despite the director’s working with her the most.

Shea Coulee was so confident in her role and as Michelle Visage put it, “slayed the house down”.

Aja had a pretty runway makeup – judges called it the best she’d ever looked – but felt that she was a bit flat in her acting performance.

RuPaul named Valentina, Shea Coulee, and Sasha Velour safe with Trinity Taylor winning the challenge; but Aja and Nina Bo’Nina Brown were in the bottom and would have to lip sync for their lives to “Finally”.

At the end of the performance, RuPaul told Nina to chantey you stay; but for Aja it was time to sashay away.

Next week the queens will join forces for a roast.

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