‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5, Episode 21 Promo: Can Severide Put Work Before Grief?

Chicago Fire fans were devastated at the end of the last episode. Severide now has to move forward with life, but we all know that that is never easy for him. Is it possible that he can put his work before his grief?

There are spoilers from last week’s episode in this promo. If you need the Chicago Fire recap, you’ve got it first!

Things certainly look bad with the Chicago Fire Season 5, Episode 21 promo. “Sixty Days” makes it look like his grief will get in the way, causing him to make a potentially fatal mistake while working. Of course, this could just be some excellent editing for the episode. Chicago Fire saves don’t always go to plan, even when nobody has personal drama.

While the promo focuses on Severide, there is more going on. Cruz’s incident last week looks like it will cause a problem in Tuesday night’s episode. The synopsis tells us that he needs Mouch’s help when an off-duty incident puts his CFD career at risk.

Meanwhile, Gabi will get a visit from her father. The last time he was seen on the show, he announced his upcoming divorce at his own anniversary celebration party! Just what could he want from his daughter? Does it have something to do with her quick marriage to Matt Casey?

Squad 3 is also getting a new team member, by the looks of things. Casey previously offered a job to Jason Kannell after saving his career. Did he just offer an open spot to Severide’s team without talking to Severide first? This could cause an issue having a former lieutenant. We all remember how hard is was for Severide to go from lieutenant to member of the team in Season 4.

Chicago Fire Season 5 continues on Tuesday at 10pm on NBC. There are just two episodes left of the season and the EPs have warned all fans to have their tissues ready!

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