Trio Dances Return on DWTS

This week on “Dancing with the Stars” the five remaining couples will dance for the right to be a part of the semi finals as another season of DWTS nears an end.


This week the pro partners decide what song best describes their star partner and in round two the trio round returns…but this time the judges choose who will become the third dancer of the eliminated pro dancers and Troupe members.

After a preview of the DWTS Live Summer Tour, Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater “Shake a Tail Feather”with their Jive. Host Tom Bergeron said that it was a great start. Head judge Len Goodman said that the dance was full of fun, energy, and Jive content but noted that Rashad still needs to work on his footwork. Julianne returns to the judge’s table after a couple of weeks off and noted that it was such a fun start to the night; adding that she is glad that Rashad is still here. Saying that Emma made a good choice, Bruno said that the performance really showcased the showman; adding that Rashad has such charisma that the drivers the performance. Charrie Ann said that they should put a picture of Rashad under entertainer in the dictionary; adding that she loved every minuted of the performance. Telling Rashad that he is fantastic, Carrie Ann said that he needs to work on his footwork. Rashad and Emma scored 36 points for their dance.

After earning a perfect score last week, Normani and Val performed a Contemporary dance to “Freedom”. Standing, Julianne said that she was mesmerized by the performance; adding that the performance was profound. Saying that Normani has command and presence on the stage, Julianne said that Normani isn’t just dancing…she’s creating art. Bruno said htat Normani should get the Pulitzer prize for her storytelling. Carrie Ann said that the performance was healing and such a profound moment. Admitting that he is not a fan of the Contemporary or Jazz dance styles, Len noted that you could hear a pin drop because the audience was spellbound…and so was he. For the second in a row, Normani and Val earned a perfect score of 40 points for their dance.

Bonner and Sharna performed an Argentine Tango to “Believe” by Imagine Dragons. Bruno noted that Bonner made the most of what he has and was dilligent in trying to get it right. Noting that it was a great choice of music, Carrie Ann said that she saw more range in motion tonight but Bonner lacked connection at times. Len felt that the dance was all too stiff. Noting that she has been there, Julianne called it the week eight frustration. Bonner and Sharna earned 30 points for their dance.

Simone and Sasha performed a Foxtrot to the One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful”. Noting that Simone’s skills are unquestionable, Carrie Ann said that she feels like she doesn’t know Simone is. Len liked the mix of in and out of hold; adding that the dance was full of youthful exuberance that morrored her age and personality. Calling it a very pretty dance, Jullianne called the dance safe; adding it didn’t wow her. Bruno noted that they make it look easy but need to bring the surprise. Simone and Sasha earned 36 points for their dance.

Finishing out round one David and Lindsay performed a Waltz to “Humble and Kind” by Time McGraw. In his video package, David noted that the most important job of any parent is to pass along your values to your children. After the dance an emotional David said that it was fun. Noting that he was a bit unsteady at time, Len said that David attempted to get the footwork right and it was 100% his best dance. Julianne said that David is what the show is all about; adding that he and Lindsay have the strongest partnerships on the show and it has never faltered. Bruno called it the best father/daughter dance at a wedding you will ever see; adding that people see love, truth, and honesty in the dance. Carrie Ann called the duo the Lady and the Champ; noting that David paid attention to detail, saying that technique is only a tool for expression. Tom noted that David Ross is the first person from Major League Baseball and they could not have sent a better representative. David and Lindsay scored 36 points for their dance.

Round One Scores:
Bonner and Sharna – 30
Rashad and Emma – 36
Simone and Sasha – 36
David and Lindsay – 36
Normani and Val – 40

Rashad and Emma get the Trio Round started off with some help from Witney for an Argentine Tango to Fleetwood Mac that asks whether Rashad will give in to temptation. Tom said that they did a great job. In his video package Rashad noted that the girls thought they were gymnasts and he was the pole. Tome noted that sometimes it’s good to be the pole. Len said that the dance was so full of passion with terrific storytelling and a great way to do a trio dance. Len said that Rashad had dancing in his blood…it just hasn’t reached his feet yet. Julianne loved the concept and the choreography; adding that he had different dynamics with each dancer. Bruno called the dance an erotic chain reaction; adding that Rashad handled two better than one. Saying that it was by far his best dance, Carrie Ann said that Rashad was so in control with spot on footwork. They scored 39 points for their dance.

Normani and Val joined forces with Alan for a countrified Jive that included dancing on the judge’s table, a shirtless Val and Alan, and a cameo from Bonner at the end. During her video package it was clear that Normani likes Bonner. Tom said that Bronner raised the bar on southern hospitality. Julianne said that Normani owned the stage and showed a different side of her. Bruno called it a glorious all American Jive that was so clever and perfectly pitched. Carrie Ann loved Alan in the dance; adding that Normani is an incredible dancer and actress. Len was not fond of the dancing on the judge’s table, calling it a waste of time. The trio scored 39 points for their dance.

Bonner and Sharna danced a Jazz routine to Bruno Mars with DWTS Troupe member Brit Stewart. Calling Bonner the Wolf of Wall Street, Bruno said that the girls were hot for the money. Carrie Ann felt that the dance was a bit raunchy but looked amazing; adding that there wasn’t enough from Bonner. Noting that he was 73, Len also called the dance too raunchy; adding that there were no wrong steps. Saying that she was still recovering, Julianne felt like she was watching a security camera. The trio scored 28 points for their dance.

Simone and Sasha were joined by DWTS Troupe member Britney for a Paso Doble that Tom called very nice. Carrie Ann noted that she saw improvement in the emotion and the authenticity drew her in; but noted that sometimes Simone dances like a metronome. Len said that the girls took skirt wafting to a new level; noting that he has given Simone more nines than anyone else and she is his favourite to win but noted that Simone has to lift her game. Calling Sasha a strong and great dancer, Julianne said that they put Britney with them because they wanted to push Simone. Bruno said that the dance was sharp, clean, precise, and hit everything with ruthless precision but lost some of the artistry. The trio scored 36 points for their dance.

In the final dance of the night David and Lindsay were joined by Hayley for a Paso Doble to an instrumental of “Gangster’s Paradise”. Calling the dance rough, Len didn’t like the routine. Julianne noted that David was definitely committed to the character but he lacked shaping in the dance. Bruno noted that at times David resembled Godzilla chasing jet airplanes. Carrie Ann said that the dance felt a bit clodding and clumsy. David said that enjoyed the dance. The trio scored 29 points for their dance.

Trio Round Scores:
Bonner, Sharna, and Brit – 28
David, Lindsay, and Hayley – 29
Simone, Sasha, and Britney – 36
Rashad, Emma, and Witney – 39
Normani, Val, and Emma – 39

Total Scores:
Bonner and Sharna – 30 + 28 = 58
Simone and Sasha – 36 + 36 = 72
David and Lindsay – 36 + 29 = 65
Rashad and Emma – 36 + 39 = 75
Normani and Val – 40 + 39 = 79

In this week’s results Normani and Val are the first couple moving on to the semi-finals. They are joined by Simone and Sasha and David and Lindsay.

Rashad and Emma and Bonner and Sharna were in the bottom and in jeopardy of being eliminated.

The couple going home this week is Bonner nad Sharna.

Rashad and Emma are the final couple moving on to the semi-finals.

Next week two time DWTS Champion Cheryl Burke returns to the Ballroom.

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