On This Day in History: May 9

On May 9, the contraceptive pill was finally approved by the FDA. It would take longer for women to make it the main form of birth control. Here’s a look at this day in history.

1671: Thomas Blood Attempts to Steal the Crown Jewels

Thomas “Captain Blood” Blood attempted to steal the Crown Jewels on this day in history. He was captured duringThomas Blood the attempt. The Crown Jewels were the new ones created by King Charles II, as the original ones had been melted down after the execution of his father in 1649. To steal the jewels from the Tower of London, Blood dressed as a priest and convinced the Jewel House keeper to give him his pistols. That gave Blood’s accomplices the chance to step out of the shadows and force their way into the Jewel House. It would have all gone well had the keeper’s son not unexpectedly turned up to work. Blood was taken before King Charles II, who decided to restore Blood’s Irish estates because he was so impressed.

1914: The First Mother’s Day Celebration

After being suggested by Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis is the past, “Mother’s Day” was finally made officially today in history. President Woodrow Wilson declared May 9, 1914 as the first official celebration, and the second Sunday of May was set as the date for it to continue. While many countries opt for the same date, not all do. The UK celebrates it during March each year instead.

1960: The Contraceptive Pill Given FDA Approval

Woodrow WilsonToday in history saw FDA approval for the first contraceptive pill. American women now have greater freedom in reproduction and protection, and it set the stage to encourage more effective and practical options than those used at the time. It wasn’t an initial success overnight, but now it has become one of the most popular methods of contraception, with different brands available around the world.

1992: Westray Mine Disaster

On this day in history, Nova Scotia, Canada was rocked by a devastating mine explosion. It had only opened in the September of the year earlier, but it was soon the site of a methane explosion. All 26 miners working underground were killed, despite frantic efforts to pull them out. Curragh Resources, which operated the mine, went bankrupt a year later and the mine disaster was partially to blame. A report into one of Canada’s deadliest disasters in mining found that mismanagement and safety warnings being ignored were to blame for the explosion. Two mine managers were tried for the accident, but the case was dropped in 1998. The mine was completely sealed in 1998.

Famous Birthdays on May 9

Minamoto no Yoritomo, founder of bakufu–1147

Meteorologist, James Pollard Espy–1785

Abolitionist John Brown—1800

Peter Pan writer James Mathew Barrie—1860

Archaeologist Howard Carter—1873

Author Eleanor Estes—1906

Journalist Mike Wallace—1918

The Madness of King George III writer Alan Bennett—1934

Murder on the Orient Express actor Albert Finney—1936

Miss South Dakota Teen USA winner, Tatewin Means–1980

Baseball player Prince Fielder—1984

Actress and writer, Skye Regan–1988

America’s Got Talent contestant Collins Key—1994


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