‘Supernatural’ Season 12, Episode 21: The Winchesters Learn the Truth

After Mary learning the truth about the British Men of Letters last week in Supernatural Season 12, it’s time for the Winchester brothers to do the same. After finding out that hunters are dying suspiciously, there’s only one thing for them to do: protect their mom.

It’s been a long time coming. While some fans wanted to see the British Men of Letters turn out to be good, it was clear that couldn’t happen. They had been promised as the bad guys from the premiere of Supernatural Season 12. After the death of Mick Davis, it was no surprise that the focus would turn on getting rid of the Winchesters.

During the Supernatural Season 12, Episode 21 promo, Sam is shocked to learn the truth. More than that, he appears shocked at his thoughts and feelings on the matter. He wants to “punch them in the face,” which is very unlike Sam. That’s usually a Dean feeling.

Meanwhile, Lady Tony is returning to the show and will face off against Mary. There is also trouble in the bunker, as the British Men of Letters have a key that lets them in. Irene also returns. Will she be the next casualty, as a friend of the Winchesters? The British Men of Letters will be out for blood since she murdered (albeit accidentally) one of their own.

Will the Winchesters be able to stop the British Men of Letters? Surely this has to wrap up this week, as the two-hour season finale is focused on Lucifer and his baby.

Supernatural airs on Thursday, May 11 2017.

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