‘Chicago Fire’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 21 ‘Sixty Days’

Just how does Severide handle the grief taking over him in Chicago Fire this week? You can catch up with this week’s recap.

If you didn’t catch up with last week’s episode, don’t forget to read the Chicago Fire recap first. You can also catch the promo for Season 5, Episode 21.

There are spoilers from this point.

Jason Kannell is the new member of Squad 3 this week, taking Casey up on his offer last week. As Cruz shares that Severide doesn’t look after himself well after the death of loved ones, Severide storms out and tells them to top up the tanks. He also gives Kannell a hard time for being filthy, when the poor guy just offers his condolences.

Unfortunately, for Cruz, this isn’t the only time we see him this week. Connie wants him in Boden’s office right now. Cruz is being charged with “conduct unbecoming” thanks to the scuffle last week. It could cause him to lose his job at the CFD, pending a hearing with the CFD. Now he needs to decide how he wants to move forward with this.

Before he can do that, it’s the first call of the night. Squad 3 is called out to a stadium, where an electrcian is hanging with his arm caught in some cables. Severide wants to use Cruz up there with him, but Cruz suggests Kannell goes instead. Despite the promo making it look like a dangerous, questionable call, Kannell and Severide get the electrician down with relative ease.

While there, Mouch runs into Nick, a former CFD fire fighter who now sells gas detectors. He suggests Mouch joins him in this line of work, but Mouch is happy where he is right now.

When back at the firehouse, Casey wants to hear about Kannell’s first day. That soon moves onto Casey’s attempt to implement measures for first responders. But we don’t stay with them for long, as the focus is on Cruz, who needs Mouch’s help since he’s facing a 60 day suspension at least. The drunk patron is pushing for action or will sue the CFD. It’s time for a legal talk, but Mouch’s guy Jerry isn’t returning his calls.

Meanwhile, Gabi has a family issue to deal with when her father turns up. They haven’t seen each other for a while, and her dad can’t help but point out that he’s had to make the trip to work to see her. He’s also upset that she will go to see her mom. She promises to make arrangements for dinner.

Boden wants to keep the 5-man squad, so wants to hear how Kannell is doing. There is clearly some tension, but he’s clearly bottling his feelings and taking it out on everyone else.

As for Kannell, he is clearly starting to make friends. Brett attempts to prank him over the decaf coffee, but it fails. Unfortunately for her, Kannell is an excellent pranker and Brett has just started the war.

The next call is just for the paramedics, where they find a patient with gangrene set in his tongue. There’s no way to save the tongue, but they remain positive for the patient as they get him to Chicago Med.

As for Mouch, he learns that Jerry has retired and Eric Hanover is now overseeing CFD legal. It’s not good, because Hanover isn’t interested in just making a claim disappear. Hanover believes it’s time to put the CFD reputation first. When Mouch tells Cruz the news, he offers to stand by him the whole way.

As for Casey, he is called unethical by an alderman who disagrees with the measures for first responders. With some help, Alderman Blakeslee is finally willing to listen to the proposals, which Kannell is able to help after the incident with his own men in Squad 6. The meeting has to be cut short as Cruz’s hearing is pushed forward and he needs support.

Despite Blakeslee being onside, it soon turns out the other aldermen aren’t. They don’t want to be pushed into creating the new measures. They shelve it and suggest it for next year.

Mouch learns that he can’t participate in the hearing, despite that not being how it used to be. Unfortunately it doesn’t go well and Cruz gets 60 day suspension.

As for Gabi, she goes to see her dad, only to hear shouting about money in the apartment. Gabi is quickly ushered out of his apartment, leaving her anxious about the trouble he is in. Later it turns out that the divorce isn’t good for him. He’s lost his support system; the one person who ran the home.

Before anything else can happen, they’re called out to the last case of the episode. There’s a biker down the hole on the side of a transport truck. The fire fighters need to cut through the truck’s side to get to the biker, where they find his leg is broken in several places. When they get him out, he starts to seize. During the call, Mouch brings the wrong cutters for the truck, making him worry that his radio wasn’t turned up enough. It does lead to Mouch talking to his friend about work outside the firehouse.

Towards the end, it looks like Severide and Kannell have a slight understanding. Kannell admits that he doesn’t like being on his own right now, which Severide totally understands. Since only four jackets can hang on the dryer for now, Kannell decides to create a way to make five fit on, and Severide is going to help him work on it.

The end is a touching moment. While may Chicago Fire fans would have worried about Severide, it looks like he didn’t cope well after Shay’s death because he didn’t have the right people around. He and Kannell are like two peas in a pod. They’re exactly what the two of them need. Now we just have to hope that Cruz only gets a 60 day suspension and is able to return to his job.

The Chicago Fire Season 5 finale airs on Tuesday May 16, 2017 at 10pm on NBC.

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