Music in the Dust Bowl

As time goes by and history get longer, the history books ignore entire sections of history or condense it down to very small passages. But American Roots artist Grant Maloy Smith has created a musical history lesson with his newest album “Dust Bowl – American Stories”.

Grant 1

Set for a June 1 release the album features all original material that not only lets listeners know about the Dust Bowl events itself, but also allows them to feel the emotions of those who lived through the decade that was the Dust Bowl and the Depression.

The Independant Music Award winner is in the process of taking the concept album to the next level – a visual album in the form of a one man show that can be expanded to more players. The show will feature Grant performing the songs from the album live and being accompanied by visual images from the era.

Grant 2

Introduced to Roots music at a very young age by his grandma in Kentucky, Grant started playing music when he was only five years old. But the multi instrumentalist said that the didn’t become serious about music until he was 17. Since that time Grant has opened for Rita Coolidge and John Ford Coley, written the soundtracks for a number of films, and most recently was one of the producers on the Grammy Award winning Jazz Ensemble album “Presidential Suite” by Ted Nash and His Band.

photos used by permission of Grant Maloy Smith

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