England’s NHS Victim of Widespread Cyber-Attack

Breaking News: A widespread cyber-attack on the computers of NHSEngland is interfering with the medical care of patients in at least 16 organizations affected, some of which are NHS and some are not, with more reports coming in as time passes. Scotland has also reported similar cyber-attacks.

As of now, authorities believe the offending issue is ransomware, malware that is known by the name “Wanna Decryptor.” On each computer that has been hit via this cyber-attack, there is a message demanding payment of $300 in Bitcoin only to allegedly make the malware go away and return access to the information that hospitals, ambulances and other health care facilities need to coordinate and provide optimum care to patients, including patient medical records, scheduling, ordering of services and more. Internal phone lines are also inaccessible in the organizations affected by this cyber-attack.

All but urgent surgeries have been canceled in the wake of this event, with some hospitals in the affected organizations turning away all but emergency cases, sending them elsewhere for treatment. The known affected areas at this time are the East, North and West Midlands and London.

British law enforcement believes this event is a criminal attack rather than an attack by a foreign power, meaning there are no national security implications, although it is serious.

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