On This Day in History: May 12

On this day, a British duke officially became the King of Great Britain. Here’s a look at the events and birthdays from history today.

1536: Trials of Anne Boleyn and Her Faction

Today in history, the trials of the men who were accused of adultery with Anne Boleyn took place. Mark Smeaton, SirSt. Peter ad Vincula Henry Norris, Sir William Brereton, and Sir Francis Weston were all found guilty and sentenced to death for their crimes. The trial was stacked against them from the beginning. The men on the jury were all those who had a reason to find all guilty of their supposed crimes. While Sir Henry Norris retracted his confession, stating that his words had been used out of context, Mark Smeaton stood by his confession. It is possible that Smeaton feared what would happen to him if he redacted his potentially false confession, as he was the only commoner tried.

1780: Patriots Suffer the Worst Revolutionary War Defeat

On this day in history, the Patriots suffered their worst ever defeat during the Revolutionary War. Major General Benjamin Lincoln surrendered unconditionally to the British in Charleston, South Carolina. More than 3,000 Patriots were captured due to this surrender, with just 250 British soldiers killed or wounded. There was a boost in morale for the British, although it wouldn’t last for long.

1932: Baby Lindbergh’s Body Found

Two months after his abduction, the body of Charles Lindbergh’s baby was found. On March 1, Charles and his wife Anne found a ransom note in Baby Lindbergh’s crib. The kidnapping made the news and even Al Capone offer helped from his prison cell. A month later, the couple were told where to drop the ransom money off and then sharedGeorge VI that the baby was on Nelly, a boat just off Massachusetts’ coast. The baby wasn’t there, and it was on May 12 that the baby’s body was found close to the Lindbergh’s mansion. He had been killed on the night of his kidnapping. It wouldn’t be until September 1934 that the kidnapping crime would be solved! It was only after this case that kidnapping became a federal crime.

1937: Coronation of George VI of Great Britain

Today in history, an unlikely king was crowned as Westminster. George VI was the second son of George V of Great Britain. As the Duke of York, he was the “spare heir” to the throne and only became king because his brother Edward abdicated in favor of marriage. George and his consort Lady Elizabeth were crowned together at Westminster and would become the first British monarchs to visit Canada and the United States.

Famous Birthdays on May 12

Emperor Shōkō—1401

Gustav I of Sweden—1496

Cosimo II de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany—1590

King Frederick Augustus I/ August II, the Strong of Poland—1670

English nurse Florence Nightingale—1820

Bringing Up Baby Actress Katharine Hepburn—1907

Never Cry Wolf writer Farley Mowat—1921

Writer Andrei Amalrik—1938

Fictional character Homer Simpson—1956

Olympic diver Mark Bradshaw—1962

All Blacks rugby player Jonah Lomu—1975

Revenge actress Emily VanCamp—1986

Everybody Loves Raymond twins Sullivan and Sawyer Sweeten—1995


Featured image from Deposit Photos

Birthdays from OnThisDay.com and HistoryNet.com

Image of St. Peter ad Vincula memorial by Alexandria Ingham

George VI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:King_George_VI_of_England,_formal_photo_portrait,_circa_1940-1946.jpg#/media/File:King_George_VI_of_England,_formal_photo_portrait,_circa_1940-1946.jpg

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